Jasmine Supreme Green Tea from Red Leaf Tea

jasmine_supremeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

Of all the blossoms that are indigenous to Eastern Asia, the jasmine flower is perhaps the most popular and giving Jasmine Supreme tea its flavor. We have developed this unique blend of green tea and jasmine petals to bring the essence of the night-blooming vine to you. Infused with jasmine blossoms for hours at a time during several heating sessions, Jasmine Supreme Green Tea is a perfect floral tea.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I was excited to try this Jasmine tea.  I’m generally excited to try Jasmine teas because I love a good Jasmine.  Unfortunately, this isn’t as supreme as the name of the tea led me to believe it would be.

The flavors are TOO floral.  Oh, sure, I realize that Jasmine teas are supposed to be floral, but the floral notes here seem to taste more like a flavored jasmine rather than a scented one.  As in, flavored with jasmine oil rather than scented with jasmine flowers.  The description says that the jasmine flowers infused the leaves with their essence so I’m not going to question the validity of that, all I’m saying is that this is a highly floral to the point of tasting perfume-ish Jasmine tea.

To steep this, I used my Breville One Touch and added 2 scoops of the tea to the basket of the tea maker and added 500ml of water to the kettle.  I set the parameters for 175°F for 2 minutes.  Perhaps less time would make a better cuppa?  I don’t know.

The green tea is a soft green tea with buttery notes and a silky texture, and I feel like I’d really like this if the floral notes were not so potent.  As it is, though, I don’t drink perfume and I can’t finish the cup.  Sad, because I truly like this company – and they do have many wonderful teas.  This just isn’t one that I can recommend.

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