24 Days of Tea Holiday Countdown – Day 3 from Teanzo 1856

Day 3 of our Holiday Countdown with Teanzo!


Since it’s that time of year and I’m an artist (who really NEEDS to get back into the swing of creating – I need some inspiration!) I decided to start featuring different holiday-ish designs of things that I’ve created in the past as well as pieces that others have created for me on my Holiday Countdown posts.

Today, I went back through some of my old pictures of artwork that I’ve created and I came across this Holiday greeting card that I made a few years ago.  I thought it was an appropriate way to kick off this “parade” of holiday artwork as featured on a tea blog – and it gives me an opportunity to offer all our readers a cup of holiday cheer!

We really are very grateful to our readers that keep us blogging!

So, why don’t we get into the tea for day three?

Safari Rooibos

Tea Information:Safari

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Teanzo 1856

Tea Description:

This refreshing rooibos iced tea with hints of fruit, is a great caffeine free source of antioxidants and trace minerals.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This is the first rooibos blend that I’m reviewing in this countdown.  The small, needle-like rooibos leaves seem even smaller in this blend, as though they’ve been chopped to an even finer consistency.  So, even though I haven’t been using the unbleached DIY loose leaf tea bags that were included in this Teanzo Advent Calendar box, I would strongly recommend using them for this tea (and perhaps any other rooibos blends should we come across more!)

I actually steeped this tea in my Kati Tumbler, but after steeping, I wished I had used one of those tea bags because the leaves are so fine that some of them fell through the very fine mesh sieve of the Kati Tumbler basket.  To avoid “drinking” the leaves (nothing wrong with this, I just don’t like floaters in my tea), I strained the liquid again into another teacup after the tea was finished steeping.  This action managed to eliminate the few leaves that made their way through the basket of my Kati.  (Steeping parameters:  195°F for 10 minutes.)

And all that effort was worth it – because this is a really tasty blend.  I’m usually somewhat ambivalent when it comes to rooibos blends (as many of my readers are already aware), but, I’m enjoying this.  The rooibos has a honey-like sweetness and earthy, nutty flavors that are accented nicely with notes of citrus.

It’s not an overly flavored blend.  I’m not tasting more citrus flavor than I’m tasting rooibos.  There is a good balance between both of these elements.  Usually, I’m all for it when the flavors are strong enough to conceal the flavors of the rooibos because as I said, rooibos is generally not my favorite taste, but, the flavors work well here.  It’s enjoyable and it’s a nice, cozy drink for these cold, winter-y days.

I liked this served straight, but I think I like this one even better with a dollop of honey to bring out those natural honeyed flavors of the rooibos base.  It’s soothing and comforting while it quenches my thirst.

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