24 Days of Tea Holiday Countdown – Day 4 from Teanzo 1856

It’s day four!  We are off and running as we count down the days until the big day arrives.

A snowman crafted out of polymer clay on a 2×2 inch canvas by Kari McKnight-Holbrook. Adorable!

Today, I decided to feature something that I didn’t make, but it’s one of my favorite gifties that I ‘ve received in the past from a fellow mail-art artist.  What’s a “mail-art” artist?  Basically, a couple of years ago, I was actively involved in a few online groups that would send each other little pieces of art in the mail.  It was fun and it was a great source of inspiration.

This piece was created by an artist named Kari McKnight-Holbrook.  I love the texture of the piece.  Every year, it gets a featured place on my mantle on its own tiny little easel.   It’s just so festive and cute and fun.

Now it’s time for some tea fun!

Irish Breakfast Tea

irishbreakfastTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Teanzo 1856

Tea Description:

A bold blend of leafy black teas from India and China with some golden tips.

Learn more about this blend here.

Taster’s Review:

Reviewer’s Note:  After writing this review, I found this tea on the website – I don’t know if it was an oversight on my part or if it wasn’t on the website at the time of writing the review.  Anyway, it’s great that this tea is available now because it’s a good one!

I’m happy to have an Irish Breakfast Tea in my teacup – I love the bold, rich, malty flavor of an Irish Breakfast Tea!

And this Irish Breakfast from Teanzo has all that!  It’s a bold tea with the strong, hefty character that I look for in a breakfast blend.  It’s got a rich and satisfying mouthfeel and the sweet, malty notes that I like in my “first tea of the day.”

And it’s just what I needed this morning!  Today has been one of those days when I found it difficult to shake the sleepy.  I wanted to just stay in bed, curled up under the covers but I had things that I needed to do!  This tea came to my rescue today.

The flavor is robust.  It starts out sweet with notes of caramel mingling with the malty flavors.  At about mid-sip, I pick up on a slight bitterness.  It’s not a strong or unpleasant flavor, I think it offers a nice contrast to the sweetness at the start.  The sip offers notes of fruit (I taste raisin and dried plum) and hints of floral.  These floral notes are difficult to pinpoint, so I’ll describe it like this:  imagine standing in a tea garden and off on a distant hill there are some flowers.  When a gentle breeze sweeps through the area, hints of those flowers are picked up in the breeze and brought to where you are.  Mere hints of what lies in the distance.

The finish reminds me a bit of freshly baked bread.  Delicious and satisfying.  There is a wee bit of astringency at the tail, but it’s more like a slight dryness, kind of like what you might experience after eating a piece of that previously mentioned freshly baked bread.  There isn’t a lot of aftertaste to this, hints of distant flowers and a slight fruit note, as if it’s a continuation of what I experienced during the sip.

A truly rewarding cup of Irish Breakfast.  Thank you, Teanzo 1856, for including this in the Advent Calendar

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