24 Days of Tea Holiday Countdown – Day 14 from Teanzo 1856

Today is Day 14 in this lovely holiday countdown.  I love counting down with tea.  I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned that already.  But … tea is one of my very favorite things about life itself so I’ll probably end up saying it again before this countdown is over!

birdornieFor today’s artistic inspiration, I chose one of my very favorite ornaments from what I believe is one of the very earliest 12 Days of Christmas mail art swaps that I was involved in and if I remember correctly, this is one that I actually hosted.

The artist’s name is Betsey.  I wish I could remember her last name.  (I’m so sorry Betsey!)   I do remember that she lives somewhere in Washington State, I just don’t recall her name.

Anyway, Betsey made this amazing little metal bird for our 12 Days of Christmas Swap.  Isn’t it adorable?  It adds a little charm and whimsy to my tree, and I’m always happy to see it as I’m unwrapping all the ornaments to put on the tree each year (I wrap all my ornaments in tissue paper because most are delicate.  This one isn’t so much delicate as I just don’t want it to shift to the bottom of the box and possibly get lost, so it’s better to have it tucked in a bit of tissue paper with the other ornies!

Breakfast Tea

Tea Information:Breakfast-Tea

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Teanzo 1856

Tea Description:

You will love this loose leaf breakfast tea!  It has a rich aroma and bold flavor with a smooth finish.  The young leaf tea buds also known as golden tips in this Assam, add to the complex flavors of the leaf tea, with a hint of maltiness. Drink this iced or hot to get going with your day, or as a quick perk up throughout the day. Buy this loose leaf breakfast tea online today!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I was excited to flip over packet #14 and find that today’s tea would be Teanzo’s Breakfast Tea.  I am always eager to try a rich, delicious breakfast tea – whether it be a blend or just one type of tea like this one (this is an Assam tea with golden tips), the term “breakfast tea” to me means a robust cup of tea with plenty of that go-get-’em kind of gusto that I need to energize me.

That’s something that I love about tea:  there is such a rich, diverse world of tea that you can find teas that will invigorate you as well as other teas that will soothe and relax you.  There’s always something out there in the world of tea to help you with whatever you’re going through.

And I wanted something strong and bold today – and this tea filled the bill … to a TEA!  (Ha ha … punny.  OK, maybe not.)

This Breakfast Tea is wonderful!  I had finished about half the cup before I started writing this because I was enjoying it so much that I almost forgot that I needed to write about the tea!

It’s everything I want in a “breakfast tea.”  The gold tipped Assam leaves produced a delightful cup that’s rich and full-flavored.  It’s energizing, yes. Malty, check!  It’s got an amazing, caramel-y undertone, yep!  And there are even notes of chocolate in the layers of flavor.

I’ve consumed a lot of Assam over the years, and while I’ve enjoyed many (perhaps most!) of what I’ve tried.  It would be difficult for me to say this one or that one is the best that I’ve ever tried because I’ve tried a lot!  So, what I can tell you is that this one is really good.  And what stands out about me most about this particular Assam is the sweetness.  It’s really delightfully sweet.

It’s got a flavor to it that keeps me sipping and not wanting to put the cup down long enough to start typing.  That’s the sign of a good tea to me.  And this one is good, because I finished the cup before I finished writing!  Bonus points!

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