Chocolate Frost Black Tea from Petali Teas

Chocolate-FrostTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Tea Information:

Of all the mint chocolate teas we’ve tasted, this one is at the top. This is a dessert tea for pure tea lovers. The mint is gentle and the chocolate is natural. Think rich dark chocolate rather than sweet milk chocolate. Simply delicious. 

This tea is available from Amoda Tea.

It’s also part of Amoda Tea’s Holiday Box!

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Taster’s Review:

I’m trying the second tea from the Holiday Box that Amoda sent me.  It took a lot of willpower to save this tea for second instead of trying it immediately, but because I didn’t get the mail until after my ‘black tea’ time in the day, I decided to hold off and try this when it would be more suitable for me to drink a black tea.

I have found that when I drink black teas late at night, I end up lying in bed awake and unable to drift off.  I can drink some other teas without experiencing this so I’ve come to realize that it’s the caffeine level of the black tea that keeps me more alert at night and unable to get drowsy.  So, I find that I need to stop drinking black teas about four or five hours before I plan to head to bed.

But this is one of the teas in the Holiday Box that I was especially eager to try!  Chocolate!  Yes please!

And when it comes to chocolate teas, I find it difficult to wait until the tea cools.  I have to have just a sip of what’s to come!  So I took a small sip and even though it was too hot to keep on drinking, I could definitely taste chocolate and mint.  Mmm!

This is very crisp and minty.  A bit more minty than it is chocolate-y, in my opinion.  But there is a nice amount of chocolate to this tea.  If I were to adjust anything about the tea, it would be to lighten up on the peppermint just a tad and add more chocolate.

But what I’m enjoying most about this is that the black tea base is solid.  It’s a strong background of flavor.  It’s well-rounded and the flavor of the tea complements the flavors of mint and chocolate nicely.  The chocolate is rich and tastes of dark chocolate to me.  It’s smooth and has a deep, deliciously chocolate flavor.

The three components all work very well together and it’s a well crafted cup of tea.  It’s strong – robust enough for early morning if you need a flavorful boost.  But it’s also flavorful enough that it tastes like dessert.  So it’d be like having dessert first thing in the morning and as far as I’m concerned, that would make everything right with the world so early in the day!

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