Rougui Oolong Tea from White Two Tea

Rougui_OolongTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  White Two Tea

Tea Description:  

Rougui [cinnamon] yancha [rock tea] is an oolong tea from the Fujian province of China.

Our Rougui is fragrant and smoky with a mineral finish. It is considered a medium roast.

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Taster’s Review:

I’ll admit that I have less experience with Rougui Oolong teas than I do with other Oolongs like TieGuanYin and AliShan.  But I still enjoy them!

And this Rougui Oolong from White Two Tea is lovely!

I brewed it the same way I brew other Oolongs – in my gaiwan!  I measured a bamboo scoop of leaf into the bowl of the gaiwan, and then I poured in water heated to 180°F.  I did a 15 second rinse, and then infused the leaves for 45 seconds.  With each subsequent infusion, I added 15 seconds.  My first cup is the combination of the first two infusions.

And the first cup is delightfully fragrant.  It’s pleasantly sweet with notes of fruit and flower.  It’s very flavorful.  Usually, the first cup tends to be the lightest flavored cup that I enjoy of an Oolong experience, and that may be true of this tea as well, but I like that there’s still plenty of flavor to be experienced!

Sweet!  Hints of smoke in the distance.  The wording of the description lead me to believe that this would be smokier than it is – but the smoke notes are faint – I like that!  Woodsy tones marry with notes of stone fruit.  I taste sweet notes of peach and plum with hints of sour at mid-sip.  I also taste hints of mineral and light spice notes in the background.  It’s a wonderfully complex cuppa!

And that was just the first cup!  The second cup is even more delightful!  The flavors have become smoother now.  The sip is smooth from start to finish with a mild astringency at the tail – a slightly dry note.  I also pick up on a slight citrus-y note toward the finish.

While I experienced a slight ‘sour’ note from the fruit tones in that first cup, I find that those notes seem to be tapering.  The fruit is still an abundant taste, but this cup focuses on the sweetness of the fruit and there is very little noticeable sour note.

This tea just seems to get lovelier and lovelier the more you infuse it!

The third cup was sweeter and smoother than the first two.  I can really taste peach notes now.  I am still tasting hints (wisps!) of smoke.  The spice notes seem to stand out for me in this cup, so it’s like I’m tasting peach and spice.  Nice!

A really lovely Oolong!  This is the first Oolong that I’ve tried from White Two Tea, and it’s been a wonderful experience!

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