Mountain of Mango from Inca Tea

Mango copy-2295154c6dTea Type:
Fruit Tisane

Where To Buy:
Inca Tea

Product Description:
Mango has always been a favorite fruit of the founder so he decided to add a little twist to the original blend. Its a refreshing blend of mango, sweet herbs, and citrus flavors.

Mango, Purple Corn, Hibiscus Petals, Natural Flavors, Rose Hip Peel and Apple.

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Tasters Review:
I have to say upfront I wasn’t overly thrilled about trying this.  Two reasons – one – because of the hibiscus…and – two – it’s a fruit tisane.  But once I tasted it – my mouth was shut REAL FAST!  Here’s why…

Upon steeping this sachet in my hot water – I was excited to see the color form to purple and then change to a wine color.  BUT…was it because of the hibiscus or was it because of the purple corn?  The jury is still out.  The aroma of the post-steeped tisane was a pleasant one.  It was was certainly mango!

I feared this tisane would be too hibiscus-intense.  I was afraid that it would be way too sweet and tart…but it wasn’t.  It was an eye-opening tisane experience that is for sure – but in a good way!  It was tasty both hot and cold.  The hibiscus that I usually dread was done quite well in this blend of fruit and petals.  The apple spoke well with the mango but the mango took front stage, thankfully!  As for the purple corn – I’m not sure if it contributed to the over all flavor of this tisane – but just knowing it was there – and knowing the health benefits of Purple Corn was a definite PLUS.

I have to give credit where credit is due – this one really surprised me!  The flavors were nicely done and all worked well together!  Now I won’t be as hesitant to try the other tisane offerings from Inca Tea.

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