Just a Little Reminder…

Hi Everyone!

52teas3I just wanted to post a little reminder to everyone who reads this blog that I – LiberTEAS – together with my oldest daughter, have launched a Kickstarter Campaign – please check out the campaign here!

As I mentioned in my previous post about this topic, Frank of Zoomdweebies – which is the ‘parent company’ of 52Teas and Southern Boy Teas – wants to narrow his focus on his iced tea business (aka Southern Boy Teas).  As a result of this decision, he asked me if I wanted to take over the 52Teas brand.

Frank is also looking to expand Southern Boy Teas, please visit his Indiegogo campaign!

Success with these two campaigns will mean:

  • Keeping 52Teas alive (Frank has said that he plans on closing 52Teas if we aren’t able to take it over!)
  • Helping Southern Boy Teas grow into a nationally recognized brand.

I’m very excited about this opportunity!  It’s a chance to get back into flavoring teas – something that I’ve missed quite a bit since closing LiberTEAS.  I missed it more than I thought I would!

Please visit my Kickstarter campaign and help us reach our goal!   We can’t do this without your help!

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