Arya Ruby Darjeeling Black Tea from Golden Tips

ruby-darjeelingTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Golden Tips

Tea Description:

Our second flush ‘Arya Ruby Black Tea’ is a classic example of Darjeeling summer royalty. The well-made leaves are wiry and have a delightful appearance with plenty of silver tips. Manufactured to perfection, the tea boasts of an immensely complex character with abundance of muscatel flavor. The fruit-flowery notes flush your mouth with a sweetness that is pleasant and comforting. The aroma scents of rich caramel with a slightly woody character. The nose is sharp and slightly fruity which resonates muscatel richness. Overall, the tea has a fantastic texture, a balanced and rounded body with an extremely smooth flavor that leaves a sweet lingering aftertaste in your mouth. An excellent limited edition Darjeeling second flush black tea. 

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Having tried Arya Ruby Darjeeling teas in the past, I was pretty confident that I’d enjoy this.  It’s one of my favorite Darjeeling teas out there.

And this is indeed lovely!  Sweet, delectably fruity and delightfully floral!

To brew this tea, I used my Breville One-Touch.  I measured 2 bamboo scoops of tea into the basket of my tea maker and added 500ml of freshly filtered water.  I set the temperature for 195°F (my go-to temperature for Darjeeling teas unless they look really green, then I might lower it to 190°F or even 185°F.)  I set the timer for 2 1/2 minutes and I let my tea maker do the rest.

A few minutes later, the tea is done!  Mmm!

The sip starts out with some what I’d describe as a medley of floral and fruit notes.  By mid-sip, hints of fruity muscatel shine through.  Subtle yet lovely notes of grape!   A mild astringency toward the finish.

I’d categorize this as a medium bodied tea, it’s got a little more texture to it than a typical Darjeeling, but it certainly isn’t as hearty as say, an Assam tea.  It would make an excellent afternoon tea!

A really lovely Darjeeling.  I’d recommend this to any tea drinker, and especially those who might not have liked Darjeeling in the past.  I believe this Darjeeling could change their opinion of Darjeeling!


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