Pineapple Sencha from Den’s Tea

Pineapple-SenchaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

This tea is available from Amoda Tea.

Tea Description:

Loved by anyone who tries it, this tea is a must-try. There is a perfect balance between the fresh, grassy taste of a Sencha (a Japanese green tea) and the sweet tropical pineapple. Very natural & authentic fruit flavour and a buttery creaminess make this tea an example of how flavoured tea should taste! Great as a cold-steeped tea.

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Taster’s Review:

I was really excited to find Pineapple Sencha from Den’s Tea in the March box from Amoda Tea!  It’s a tea that I’ve been hearing so many positive things about on Steepster and one that I’ve had on my mental list of teas to try but one that I’ve not yet gotten around to ordering for myself.  So, I’m really happy to have this opportunity now to try it.

The dry leaf looks very much like what the picture above depicts – it’s bright, jade green Japanese Sencha tea leaves with bits of dried pineapple.  Some of the pieces of pineapple look a little darker – almost orange – and it almost looks like maybe that could be papaya or mango instead of pineapple.  The ingredients list only Sencha, pineapple pieces and flavoring, so maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.

But rather than actually sampling a piece of the fruit, I just poured the contents of the packet into the basket of my Breville One-Touch tea maker and added 500 ml of water to the jug and set the parameters:  170°F and 1 1/2 minutes.

This produced a very light tasting cup of tea – subtle but lovely!  The pineapple is a prominent flavor but I can also taste the light, fresh notes of the Japanese Sencha:  slightly grassy and with a hint of butter.  There is a nice sweet and savory contrast going on between the two profiles.

And because this is a Japanese Sencha, you know I went in for a second infusion!

The second infusion is even stronger in flavor than the first was.  The first was somewhat delicate and with this second infusion, the flavors have developed.  The pineapple is well-defined.  Sweet, juicy and very true to the fruit.  There is no mistaking that this is pineapple!  It doesn’t taste candied or artificial.  It tastes bright!  It tastes like fresh, delicious pineapple!  YUM!

The Japanese Sencha adds a compelling contrast to the sweet pineapple notes.  The Sencha adds a little bit of savory to the cup, balancing out the sweetness.  It also offers a slightly creamy texture to the cup which is quite pleasant.

Overall, a spectacular tea – one I’m really happy that Amoda Tea chose for this month’s box!  Thank you, Amoda!

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