Maple Splash Tea from Tealuxe

maple-splasTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Tealuxe

Tea Description:

This tea is no longer on their website but the package states it was a result of the company’s fascination with the Canadian tradition of making Maple Taffy.  The ingredients in this tea are as follows…black tea (71%), cinnamon pieces, dehydrated maple syrup, cinnamon rods, flavoring, popcorn, and white cornflower blossoms.

Learn more about this company here.

Taster’s Review:

The tea I’m reviewing today is called Maple Splash Tea from Tealuxe.  Maple Splash Tea from Tealuxe is no longer listed on their website but I thought it was worth a mention anyways.  If you like Maple you will like this tea.  Maple Splash lives up to its name that is for sure!

I love the aroma but that is because I love maple but I also adore the addition of popcorn in this tea.  The tea leaves are a drab brown  and are smaller in length while still being tightly dried and semi-twisty.  Some of the wet leaves look like twigs while the others look like your typical small to medium sized black tea leaves.

After infusing Maple Splash for about 3 minutes I noticed the cinnamon aroma pop thru a bit better.  The Maple aroma deteriorated a little but was still in the forefront.

This is a sweet, warming, comforting flavored black tea with Maple Splash, indeed!  Maple Splash Tea is a ‘party in your mouth’ and I sure wish that Tealuxe kept it in their shop!  Another noteworthy flavor to mention is the aftertaste of sweet-woody, too!  The flavor and aroma linger and I like that!


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