Pu’er Tea (Raw Loose Leaf) from Cloud Nine Teas

Loose-Raw-Puer-leaves-and-cup-500x500Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Pu’er Tea

Where to Buy: Cloud Nine Teas

Tea Description:

A bold fragrance, slight astringency, a hint of bitterness and a sweet aftertaste: this is raw Pu’er tea at its best. We love its explosive pick-me-up quality, and we think you will too.

Place of Origin

Simao, Yunnan, China


Spring 2015


Airtight dry storage recommended (sealed in a zip-lock bag. BPA-free)

Brewing & Enjoying

The goal is to bring out the tea’s essential oils. Raw loose Pu’er is best brewed at around 85-90 degrees Celsius with filtered water.

Steep at least 5 grams of leaves for 10-20 seconds and watch them open up. Discard the water (the ‘first wash’) to remove residual dirt particles. Drink the second infusion onwards. If the tea becomes too astringent, drain the pot/gaiwan*, remove a few leaves and re-infuse.

This brilliant raw Pu’er will sustain as many as eight or even ten infusions, though infusions two to five are the most enjoyable.

Enjoy the Pu’er buzz!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Pu’er Tea from Cloud Nine Teas is on tap for today at Sororitea Sisters.  This Pu’er Tea is a raw loose leaf tea that Cloud Nine Teas offers on their website with a warm and fuzzy product description.

Personally I find this tea to be a nice offering.  It’s certainly a more gentle pu-erh tea.  Maybe even the MOST gentle pu’er I have ever had thus far.  Once infused it has a fairly drab yet see-thru color that lays in the cup.  The taste and smell are on the sweeter side, too.  It’s both thirst-quenching and clean and makes you crave more.

Having said that…there may be people out there that are looking for a more earthy, wormy, dirt-or-woodsy type of pu’erh…in which case…I don’t think this is the pu’erh for you.  It’s a more mellower, groovy, and laid-back type of pu’erh and I appreciate that.

This is a pretty good raw pu’erh to start with if you are new to this type of tea.  Nicely done Cloud Nine Teas!


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