Everest First Flush Black Tea from Nepali Tea Traders

NepaliTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Nepali Tea Traders

Tea Description:

Our Everest First Flush tea is hand-picked in April from the tender buds of the tea plants that emerge after several months of dormancy as the days turned crisp, sunny, and bright.  This unique, artisan tea is a vibrant expression of the fresh Himalayan spring. Its beautiful, long leaves reflect the subtleties of the season. Upon delivery of the freshly picked leaves to the Sandakphu factory, it is processed initially by hand by gently rolling the leaves, then allowed to wither overnight. The following day, the leaves are mechanically rolled to achieve natural oxidation while preserving the fresh, spring green color. The liquor is pale and pure. The tea’s gentle, aromatic profile features floral and lilac notes. The first sip reveals a smooth, sweet tea, with refreshing spring astringency. This tea finishes with crisp vegetal notes and hints of roasted corn. Like Nepal’s famed peak, this is the pinnacle of our first flush teas.

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Taster’s Review:

If you gravitate towards Darjeeling Teas I think you might like this Everest First Flush Black Tea from Nepali Tea Traders.  At least that is the first thought I had as I sipped on this offering from Nepali Tea Traders.  It’s like a hepped-up version of a Darjeeling Black Tea.

Maybe it’s because it’s a First Flush.  Maybe it’s because of the crisp floral notes.  Perhaps it’s because of the astringency.  Or maybe Everest First Flush Black Tea from Nepali Tea Traders reminds me of a Darjeeling because of the look and feel.

The dried loose leaves look similar to Darjeeling – as does the aroma – which is springy and fresh.  The aftertaste was also reminiscent of a popped rice much like you would find in a genmaicha.  Everest First Flush Black Tea from Nepali Tea Traders is very unique indeed!

One thing I found after drinking this – twice – I was very hungry afterwards!  I don’t really know what that means – if anything – but I could REALLY go for a 5 coarse meal right now!  Regardless…Everest First Flush Black Tea from Nepali Tea Traders…is a tea to appreciate and remember!


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