Glass Tea Holder & Crystal Glass AKA Podstakannik #VeganMoFo2016


Today I have a VERY SPECIAL Product Review for you that is LONG OVER DUE! It’s this beautiful Glass Tea Holder & Crystal Glass – also known as – Podstakannik and it is from Russian Tea Time. For the Vegan MoFo prompt, today is all about Food Gifts. But since we are doing all of our Vegan MoFo posts with a twist we figured we will do a Tea Gift version!

I can’t say as I have ever had any other Tea Ware like this before! I’ve cherished it ever since it came in the mail! It’s a Classic Tea Holder with Cut Crystal Glass. The etched cut crystal is very exquisite! I feel like I can drink tea like a royal and be part of the Russian Tea Tradition! Of course I had to study up on Russian Tea Traditions while enjoying this glass and glass tea holder. Yes, indeedy! This is a two-piece tea ware set, folks, and I LOVE it!

Did you know that “Podstakannik” literally means “thing under the glass”? Now THIS is my kind of history! Literal and to the point without being overly fancy!

The holder is most commonly made out of metal. The primary purpose is to be able to hold a very hot glass of tea which is usually consumed right after it is brewed. Fabulous! Because this is the way I LOVE to drink my tea more often than not!

According to Wiki – Podstakanniks appeared in Russian tea culture in the late 18th century. That’s when drinking tea became common in Russia. Soon after they became not just practical utensils, but also works of art, just like samovars that were used for boiling water. Expensive podstakanniks for the rich, well-to-do, and elite were made of silver but were not very practical since they would get quite hot very quickly due to the high thermal conductivity of silver. By the 20th century, podstakanniks became very widespread. They were found to be extremely useful on railroads, as tea was served in moving carriages that were shaking. A bare glass was more likely to fall, scalding people with hot tea. Enter these beautiful works of art and tea ware

I absolutely LOVE my Glass Tea Holder & Crystal Glass – also known as – Podstakannik and it is from Russian Tea Time. And for just $24.99 – I – for one – think it’s totally worth it! It’s durable, versatile, a historical conversation piece, and lovely to look at AND USE!

Today is our last Vegan MoFo post. We hope you enjoyed all of the fun posts. We had a blast creating them.  We will have some more fun holiday posts coming soon including the 12 days of Christmas from 52Teas and possibly even a rundown of what is in our favorite tea advent calendars!

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy: Russian Tea Time

Classic Tea Holder with Cut Crystal Glass

Enjoy this exquisite Russian tea glass holder, or “Podstakannik,” with your favorite tea. Now you can drink tea like a royal and be part of the tradition!

This would make a great gift idea paired with Russian Tea Time tea!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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