Bubblegum from The NecessiTeas. . . Let the childhood memories begin!

Before I start, I just want to say that The NecessiTeas certainly knows how to fill a tin. I have been opening up new tins of their blends all day and I have spilled tea out of almost every tin. Granted, I may not have been particularly careful and I probably should have learned after the first spill but I am so used to tins being less filled that I didn’t really think about it. Oh well, more tea for me I suppose, especially since it looks like I didn’t even use any tea yet since the tins are still that full.

This particular tin is filled with not only tea but gum as well. Not just any gum either. This blend is filled with the colorful gumballs of everyone’s childhood. The 25 cent gumballs dispensed out of the giant red gumball machines. It’s definitely a blend to bring out the nostalgia in you.

So it might be colorful and look fun but what really matters is the taste. Like all the other NecessiTeas blends I have tried, this one tastes pretty true to its namesake. Sweet and sugary but not cloying in the slightest. Add to that a bit of fruitiness and you got this tea. The green tea base remains completely hidden which is good since I doubt a vegetal flavor would go very well with the rest of what’s going on here.

All in all, like the gumballs for which it is named, this is a sweet treat to have every now and then. It’s got just enough flavor to keep things interesting without being over-the-top. Plus, it is certainly a fun blend for those who want a little bit of novelTEA in their lives.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Flavored Green Tea
Where to Buy: The NecessiTeas

We all remember that sweet pink bubblegum flavor as a kid. Contests with your best friend to see who could blow the biggest bubble and then having it pop and stick to your entire face. Chewing it for hours until our jaws ached or falling asleep with it in our mouth which meant waking up with a big sticky mess in our hair! This blend takes me back to all those childhood memories and will be loved by adults and children of all ages. Feel free to steep the actual gumballs or pop one in your mouth and work on your bubble blowing skills while your tea is steeping!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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