Vanilla Crème SereniTea from Cup of Love. . . . .

This is a lovely black tea with vanilla/cream flavoring. It’s beautiful, with real nuts and flower petals inside. It feels SO ENGLISH and DECADENT. Like you’re at your lovely aunt’s home in London drinking out of real teacups, not some geek mug at your desk. You want to flip your pinkie out and take up embroidery.

As I was sipping this, I thought “wait… haven’t I tried this?” So I did some research, and I had.

I tried a few samples from Vampyre Teas back in the day because — obviously — Vampyre Teas. Come on, guys. Vampyres. My friend Mitch had sent me some samples because I’m a huge Goth, deep down.

Cup of Love (this sample) is the company that owns Vampyre Teas. (Or Vampyre Teas owns Cup of Love. I’m not sure.)

Love/Vampyre blends can either come in their hippie (Love) packaging or their goth (Vampyre) packaging.

So “Vanilla Crème SereniTea” at Cup of Love is the same exact tea as “Moonlight And Serenade” at Vampyre Teas. “Cherry Mango VersatiliTea” at Cup of Love is “NosferaTea” at Vampyre Teas. Etc.

I obviously prefer the Gothy names, but either way, the blend is tasty.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Cup of Love

A lush, romantic blend of creamy, delicious English Earl Grey Tea with just the right accent of luscious Vanilla and crisp Almonds.  A beautiful blend that infuses joy, calm, and relaxation in

the blessed union of song in a cup!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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