Waking Up With A Strong Cuppa Chai from Chai Safari. . . . .

Assam Masala Chai from Chai Safari. Rarely do I need to step back and have multiple go-arounds with a tea before I come to a conclusion of how I feel about it. But this was in that rare group of teas that I had to put in that basket.

I literally couldn’t BELIEVE just how strong this chai was when I tasted it! I thought maybe I used way too much of the loose leaf. That isn’t unusual for me – because I LOVE a really LOUD tea – so I tend to double the amount of loose leaf and cut the steep/infusion time in half. Word to the wise…YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT WITH THIS CHAI! You don’t even have to do that with this chai if you think you should! Seriously! It’s peppy enough on it’s own! Low and Slow here people! Low and Slow! Use the suggested amount of loose at the appropriate time and ENJOY! No need to over shoot! It’s EXTREMELY SPICY on it’s own! If this isn’t the spiciest chai I have had – it’ HAS to be up there!

The Assam is strong but the chai spices are even stronger! It infuses to a VERY dark cup with EXTREME aroma to match! This chai isn’t for the wimps, the wusses, and the faint of heart! This is for the seasoned chai crowd! It’s for the bold and the strong! It’s for the durable and daring! If this chai sounds like your cup of tea – I know you will enjoy it!

It was a surprise for me – it opened my eyes and my senses! I’m proud to be among those who have been awakened by Assam Masala Chai from Chai Safari!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:  Chai Safari

The Robust CTC from Assam is even more perfect with the savoury taste it offers with the combination of Ginger, Cloves and Black Pepper. The ginger and back pepper provide the strong base of spice in the tea where as the cloves give a distinct flavour and aroma to it. Its as close as one can get to having summer in a bowl. This drink is also an amazing combination for ailing cold, headaches and sore throat.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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