Be wary of the Wendigo …… Wendigo Green Tea

For those of who know the legend of the Wendigo (and those of you who played the video game Until Dawn) know that the tale is a terrifying one. To sum it up, a Wendigo is a creature that has an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Yes, it does sound grizzly but this tea is the exact opposite!

The Wendigo green tea is definitely a lot more pleasant than the creature by the same name.  It has a fresh earthiness to it but it is not too in your face. And since I am more partial to black tea myself I thought this green tea was a nice change of pace. So I believe this green tea will be perfect for black tea drinkers who want a something green but not to the matcha levels of green. And with a teaspoon or so of sugar, this tea had the perfect subtle sweetness to it.

Now on to the price and the steeping specifics of this tea which I believe is pretty fair given the quality of the tea. It is $11.99 for 2 oz and $27.99 for 5 oz.  This is also very quick to steep as well. For 1-2 teaspoons it takes about 1-2 minutes to steep. I recommend using boiling water that is to the point of steaming and not to where the kettle whistles. That is about 170 degrees Fahrenheit for all of you perfectionists out there.

Now if any of you are like me, you would be very curious as to why the name of this company is Wendigo Tea Company. Well, I happened upon the “origin” portion of their site and I was happy to find an enthusiastic man named Sky White.  His reasonings for starting this company were simple: he wanted to drink the very best teas in the world and I can absolutely relate. And if I say so myself, based on my opinions of his Wendigo Green Tea, he is guaranteed to have another customer for I am very curious on what else he has to offer. Now throughout this whole entire section, he doesn’t mention where he got the inspiration to call his company by the name of Wendigo. But I believe that since Mr. White has a desire to be different from other tea companies naming your company after a Native American legend would be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

All in all, I like this green tea and when I run out I will definitely restock. It has a great mellowness and flexibility to it that I can actually see myself drinking this as iced tea as well.

As always I will be posting pictures of this tea and others to my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (official_karatics)

See you for the next cuppa!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: Wendigo Tea Co.

I am Wendigo Green Tea -behold my beauty and greenness. Imagine picking up the planet Earth and licking a big green part of it in the middle of spring. That is what you can expect out of a glass of my greatness. Once you have tasted my naturally smooth-yet-complex flavors, you will crave nothing other than to get your hands on more.

My leaves are organically grown, clipped from the highest-quality tea plants, and packaged without any additional flavors or preservatives. Drink me, and you are drinking nature itself.

I am perfect for brand-new tea drinkers, lovers of green tea who want to experience a higher quality than they are used to, and purists seeking something special alike.

You could call me a Premium Grade Pure Organic Japanese Sencha… if you must. But none before me have a taste quite like Wendigo Green Tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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