Purple Needle Black Tea of Jing Mai Mountain * Spring 2016

Had to open up the aroma wheel for this one. There are some black teas that I have such a hard time finding descriptors for.

This is a very pleasant tea. No harsh after taste. An intriguing liquid color. Golden brown perhaps? The flavor profile is so amazing. Slightly citrus but the more I sip it the more I am tasting woodsy notes at the end.  Flashes of walking through a slightly damp Washington state forest come to mind. Keep spinning the aroma wheel we aren’t through yet.

Even with the citrus and woodsy flavors it can also be defined as sweet. Almost like honey. The sweetness gathers all the flavors in a way that makes you feel as if you are drinking a royal cup of tea. Something truly unique.

Something must also be said about the leaves. Look at how tightly rolled they are!

From the pain-staking process of picking only the young tender buds from the purple trees (See the web page below for more details!), to the processing, and up to the end where it is packaged- all care is taken with this tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea/Purple Tea
Where to Buy: Yunnan Sourcing

Purple leaf “Zi Cha” was harvested in Late April from the Jing Mai mountainous area in Lancang county of Simao.  The fresh purple leaves were then processed into a flat needle style tea.  The processed tea leaves are black with tiny golden shoots on some.

The brewed tea is citrus fruity sweet and very vibrant in the mouth.  The smell is floral and grapefruit.  The tea soup is a deep red-orange with hints of purple and vert clear.

A unique tea from “Zi Cha” purple tea leaves which is quite different from “Wild Purple / Ye Sheng” varietal black tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!


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