Orange Creamsicle Tea Anyway? #plumdeluxe

This tea (available again in May!) is an orange creamsicle confection! It has orange peel bits floating right in the mix, boasting of their bold flavor. The black tea isn’t hiding, though, it’s a nice, slightly tart black with plum* notes. * (Appropriate to Plum Deluxe!)

This blend is recommended as frozen into a popsicle form as a treat. I wish it weren’t 40 degrees out; I’m always into trying out oddball suggestions like that. I’d totally lap at it in a friend’s hammock.

Because, alas, this tea has reminded me of a thing I’ve always wanted, but never had: a hammock to call my own. It’s a first-world problem, I know. But it’s my burden to bear.

If you have a hammock (or convenient access to one), take a moment and think about how lucky you are. Revel in your blessings.

And then revel in this tea. Which is a very nice little blend. It’s not an aggressive blend, it’s just a tart-and-sweet buddy that would keep you company. ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAMMOCK. You glorious, bourgeoisie monsters.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:  Plum Deluxe

When we set out to make the perfect loose leaf iced tea blend, we knew one of our favorite flavors was orange. With a hint of “creme” vanilla flavor, it makes the most delicious iced tea, the perfect thirst quencher on a sunny day.  As the name implies, grab a cool glass of this tea and relax. Reminds you of an orangesicle without all the calories!

All Plum Deluxe teas are hand-blended and infused with love in Portland, Oregon. Each 1 oz tea packet makes 15-20 cups. All organic ingredients — no sulfites, no artificial chemicals, non-GMO.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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