Eden Oolong from Tocha Teas. . . . .

The first thing I noticed upon inspection of this blend was the rose petals, they stuck out to me first. For whatever reason whenever I see rose petals, I think “relaxation”. The flavor and scent of rose always invokes relaxation for me. Upon looking at the list of ingredients provided by the company Tocha Teas, I noticed that this blend included jasmine as well! So yes, this is going to be a relaxing blend! Jasmine is always a soothing scent and flavor.

I would say that my initial assumption was correct! This blend is one that you would be served at a spa while waiting for your massage! The oolong was very light and a perfect base for the essence of floral lotus leaf, jasmine, rose, and osmanthus flowers. Oolong does contain caffeine, but this blend is still a good one to wind down with. The floral blend is soothing not only to the mind and senses, but also to the throat and stomach. This would definitely be one I would reach for if I was having some tummy upsets! A must try!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong
Where to Buy:  Tocha Teas

Escape into a luxuriant garden with this fresh, lively blend of delightful oolong tea and the finest botanicals. This elegant, harmonious infusion eases body and mind, supporting a fit and trim physique while putting a blissful smile on your face.

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