Aphrodite from Fox Tea Club. . .

I am a green tea kinda gal.  Green teas just give me all the feels.  So when Fox Tea Club’s samples arrived and I saw Aphrodite-a green and white tea blend- in this adorable and let me repeat ADORABLE canister with a wax seal- I immediately prepped up my tea pot.   (Sorry for the dull picture.  It was a cloudy day.)

First whiff of the tea yielded a fresh floral sweet aroma.  My husband said the tea smelled like purple.

Brewed with water prepped at 190F and allowed to steep for three minutes and cooled for an additional three minutes, this tea just had such an alluring and inviting call to me.

Aphrodite is a mix of green tea, white tea, jasmine flowers, and lemon zest with a few other ingredients.  And those flavors work so brilliantly together.  First sip in and you are greeted with this sweet lemon tone with a gorgeous contrasting vegetal feel.  With this being a white and green tea blend, the green tea notes could have really overpowered the delicate white touches, but that isn’t the case at all. Each sip of this tea blend was just as satisfying as the last and I found myself prepping pot after pot of this tea. Each infusion was enjoyed as much as the last.

So very well balanced and well done and a tea that I am going to have to get more of.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green/White Tea
Where to Buy:  Fox Tea Club

This green tea scented with exotic jasmine aroma invites a warm romantic embrace. The smooth herbal green tea and white tea blend that includes calendula petals, safflower and lemon zest, is the silky base for this floral delight that conjures the spirit of the goddess. Definitely a tea to share when you are in the mood for love!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

1 thought on “Aphrodite from Fox Tea Club. . .

  1. I love “smelled like purple.” That’s exact sort of simple, nonsensical thing my husband would say, too. Which is WHY I make him try my teas. Just to watch him scrunch his nose and offer forth some cray-cray explanation of what he just tried.

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