Peach Crostata from a Quarter to Tea

What is a crostata?  Apparently, it is a type of tart or pie, or it might even include a crumble-like dessert.  Either way, imagine buttery crust, sugar and spice, and plenty of fruit.  This tea blend looks to capture the the essence of a peach crostata, with sweet stone fruit and warm pastry.

The tea leaves are yunnan black tea, but they were so tightly rolled I almost mistook them for oolong leaves.  Brewing this blend, the tea is dark and rich and brews up quickly.  Both the dry leaves and the hot tea are very fragrant with natural peach flavor.

When taking my first sip, my nose is full of fruity peach, but the brew is much more robust.  The taste of the tea has more roasty, caramel notes than it does fruit, and its boldness overshadows the peach.  The tea is smooth at first, finishing with a tart, mineral dryness in the aftertaste.  It’s possible the boldness of the tea has to do with my brewing techniques, so I would brew this a little cooler and shorter next time.  I found that adding milk helped make the brew more gentle, which brought out the best of the peach notes.

Even if this wasn’t my favorite tea lately, I’ve had other blend from a Quarter to Tea that I absolutely loved, like their Carrot Cake or Peeps Krispies genmai cha teas.  Give any of their flavors a try for a quality brew.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: A Quarter to Tea

A take on a late medieval version of a peach crostata, with warming spices and a rich peach flavor.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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