Amba Ceylon Green / Rakkasan

Trying hard to concentrate on all the unique aspects of this tea while watching my son push our electric grill back and forth in the kitchen and screaming at it when it hits an obstacle; so forgive me if this post is a bit jumbled.

A green tea very light in flavor. With my first cup I tried to eat a cinnamon roll but the roll overpowered the tea. Unlike many green teas this one isn’t abundantly grassy. It may take a few cups of this one to truly begin to understand the flavors.

Sometimes I feel like I need to only drink one tea for awhile in order to open my palette to unique flavors. Drinking too many different teas at a time can impede this. The flavors seem to be mainly vegetal with hints of summer florals.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: Rakkasan Tea
Description: This is a unique pan-fired, hand-crafted tea that is part green and part oolong due to the unusually slow wither. It is also the hardest tea for us to get. Grown at an elevation of 3,300 feet, it has buttery caramel and citrus notes that layer with soft vegetal and fruity peach accents with a hint of mint.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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