Co-Coconut Almond/A Quarter To Tea. . . .

Co-Coconut Almond is a tea by A Quarter to Tea that was featured in the  monthly subscription box. It is comprised of black tea, coconut flakes, raw almonds, cocoa nibs/shells, and mini sprinkles.

Steeping the tea using the recommended steeping parameters, I brewed it up as a latte and topped it with coconut whipped cream. Since the whipped cream was being rather uncooperative, I ended up with a fair bit more whipped cream than I wanted, though thankfully it complimented the tea quite nicely contributing a deliciously sweet and creamy coconut.

As for the tea itself, the main flavor for me is the almond which is smooth throughout the sip and then really pops at the end. I don’t usually love almond in tea as it tends to come off like marzipan as opposed to the actual nut. This tea does get a bit of a marzipan quality to it at the end of this sip when there is a pop of flavor but until that point, it is much more true to the nut itself and it blends nicely with the creamy coconut of the tea, another strong flavor. What I don’t get at all is the chocolate.

This tea did make for a nice latte and I think those who enjoy marzipan would love this, especially if they are coconut fans as well. As someone who doesn’t love marzipan, this was not my favorite but it was still quite nice.

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  A Quarter To Tea


This blend was part of the monthly tea subscription box.  Click below to learn more!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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