Kenya ‘Rhino’ Premium White Tea/What-Cha

Many of my tea drinking friends tend to have preferences for black teas. Black teas are usually bolder and richer than other types of teas. In contrast, white teas and green teas are among the least preferred of the tea drinkers I know. These kinds of teas tend to be lighter and more delicate. They are the teas that need to be brewed at cooler temperatures or they risk being burned and bitter. There is an exception to these teas though, the White Rhino.

White Rhino is a type of white tea that is more akin to a black tea. It is more robust and can be brewed more harshly without risk of bitterness. It is richer and more malty than most white teas. What-Cha’s Kenya ‘Rhino’ Premium White Tea is no different.

What-Cha’s Kenya ‘Rhino’ Premium White Tea is brewed in 90C water for 2-3 minutes. The end result is a delicious hybrid between typical white tea and black tea flavor profiles. Zero bitterness or astringency. Slightly caramel, slightly hay, slight stone fruit, slightly melon. A whole lot of natural sweetness and freshness. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type: White

Where to Buy:  What-Cha


A white tea unique to Kenya which attains its gold and white appearance through a hand-rolling process. It is fuller than typical white teas with smooth sweet stone fruit and melon notes with caramel hints and no trace of bitterness or astringency.

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