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Palas Supreme is one of two BOH Teas I got to try courtesy of my Sororitea Sisters. The other tea was Bukit Cheeding No. 53. Both are orange pekoe teas and since that isn’t necessarily my favorite kind of black tea, I decided to have some fun with this one.

This tea was made both as a plain tea and also as an iced tea using tangerine lemonade ice cubes as a play on the classic black tea with lemon. Both preparation methods were steeped for 3 minutes in 200F water.

The plain hot tea is very floral and much smoother than Bukit Cheeding No. 53. The Assam in this blend gives this tea that little touch of malt while the Ceylon keeps it bright and citrusy. At times that citrus can get pithy and astringent but typically it is sweet and smooth. A really nice and clearly high quality orange pekoe. One that needs no additives.

The tangerine lemonade iced tea is an interesting experience. Unfortunately, the lemonade really takes over, drowning out the black tea. This might have been better to try with a stronger tea such as Bukit Cheeding No. 53 because this tea is really taking a back seat to the lemonade additive. More than anything, the tea is making the lemonade more floral and brisk, which is weird given the plain tea is not particularly brisk on its own.

I have to say I am surprised by this tea because I did not expect it to be as smooth as it is. Having tried Bukit Cheeding No. 53 first, I expected something more akin to that tea which was on the robust and drying side. It is interesting how both teas are so different despite both being orange pekoes. This really has a high quality to it and it certainly puts the “supreme” in Palas Supreme.

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Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  BOH Teas


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Palas Afternoon Tea from BOH. . . .

Orange Pekoe. The highest grade for a black tea. Shown not only in the taste but also in the leaf. This tea is a great example of this high grading. The dried leaves are picture worthy; while the wet leaves unravel beautifully. The aroma is a sweet mix of earth. Cedar and hints of wet wood.

The liquid is a clear, golden brown that is velvety on the tongue. The website says best enjoyed plain and I would agree. Do not ruin this one with milk, sugar, cream or likewise.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  BOH

With a light aroma, this full leaf Orange Pekoe ‘A’ afternoon tea is carefully chosen and picked from select tea fields. Its delicate flavours create a tea that is soothing and calming, best served and enjoyed plain.

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BOH Single Garden Palas Afternoon Premium Black Tea from BOH. . . .

This is the tea for the purists.

For those that don’t like fruity tuity flavorings and additives. Boh’s Palas Afternoon Tea is a black tea, of the orange pekoe variety.

I didn’t have any background info on this tea when I taste tested it, other than that it was called Palas Afternoon Tea, which was surprisingly not enough to find in a google search! The product certainly looked more like a black tea, but had a very nutty, earthy flavor that I tend to associate more with green teas. I found it to be much lighter and smoother than most other black teas (in taste and appearance!).

If I’m going to take my tea plain, I generally prefer mine green, so I was surprised when I discovered it was in fact a black cuppa. It lacked the bitterness I often find with black teas, but also the dryness I typically find with green teas. It combined the qualities I prefer from each into one product! It appears to be offered as a canister of loose leaf tea, so if you want to stock up on a mild black tea, check this one out!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy: Amazon

A fine, flowery pekoe from the cool slopes of Sungei Palas. A light and delicate full leaf tea. We pick the finest quality of leaves to make our tea.  Aromatic and delicate, this smooth  blend uses only the tender shoots.

With a light aroma, this full leaf Orange Pekoe “A” afternoon tea is carefully chosen and picked from select tea fields. Its delicate flavours create a tea that is soothing and calming, and is best served and enjoyed plain.

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Palas Supreme from BOH Teas. . . .

Orange pekoe teas tend to get that name due to some quality grading and inspections that take place, rating the size and quality of the tea leaf and so on.  I once had a colleague who only drank orange pekoe tea, they wouldn’t settle for anything else.  So when I find out the tea I’m tasking is an orange pekoe, I already feel fancy before opening the bag.

This time, I brewed Palas Supreme from BOH Teas.  Billed as an orange pekoe tea, the leaves looked to be good quality, long and dark and curly that unfurled in shape and flavor as I brewed.

This tea tasted bright and sweet, not too sharp or tart.  There were slight citrus flavors and some gentle floral flavors, but main taste of the the brew was driven by a smooth and bright black tea taste.

BOH Teas describes Palas Supreme as a flowery pekoe.  While it does have floral accents, it is not the blooming garden of flower flavors and scents that I would expect from a “flowery pekoe.”  This tea stands out because it isn’t all about the tart sharpness of the black tea.  It actually has a smooth mouthfeel and while there are orange notes, they aren’t biting citrus, instead tasting much more like sweet mandarin oranges.

As the tea cools there are more date and raisin after tones beneath the sweet citrus and smooth black tea.

This is is part of the BOH Teas garden collection and it even ships in a butterfly-and-blossom-themed canister.  I didn’t get as much floral flavor as I expected, but this tea is still a delicious orange pekoe fit to brighten any day.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: BOH Teas

When you savour the taste of this tea, the first thing you experience is its aroma. This fine garden tea is cultivated on the cool tropical slopes of Sungei Palas. The Flowery Pekoe of Ceylon and Assam varieties imparts an exquisite and delicate aroma. With its pure and delicate fragrance, this large-leafed amber tea is best enjoyed plain throughout the day.

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Garden Tea Bukit No.53 from BOH. . . .

Garden Tea Bukit No 53 is such a wonderful way to wake up in the morning!

This particular tea is a dark robust tea with finer ground tea leaves than what I am used to.  Brewed up for 3 minutes, allowed to cool, and then topped with frothed milk topping. . .this tea provides all the loving one needs to greet the day.  A delicious morning latte with very little fuss.  Each sip deliver a spot on bold well balanced robust flavor that mingled so well with the light creamy aspects of the milk.

When I first saw how little the leaves and pieces of leaves were in the canister of Garden Tea Bukit No 53, I wasn’t sure what to think.  Now after having several cuppas , I’m  to try quite taken with this tea.  Even though these tea leaves are small, they pack a mighty flavor.

I’m excited to try this tea as a cold brew with honey and lemon.  I have a pitcher of this wonderful combination ready to go for tomorrow afternoon for a tasty refreshing treat!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  BOH Teas

This garden tea is a full-flavoured Broken Orange Pekoe breakfast tea. Its strong, brisk character stimulates the mind making it perfect for starting the day. Embodied with robust flavours and an enduring taste.

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