Oriental Beauty from Dachi Tea. . . .

These long twists, amber and brown with white tips, are stunning. They are also sort of difficult to measure out with my “perfect teaspoon.” So what you’re getting with this review is a BEST GUESS at how this should have been made.

Regardless, this is a sweet little number tastes like white grape juice. It tastes like sugar, and flowers, and grapes, and candy, and ribbon-dancing.

Do you remember ribbon-dancing? There was a product called Ribbon Dancer.  

My mom wouldn’t let me have it, so I took a stick, tied some braided-up yarn to it, and made do.

This tea is like if I’d RECEIVED a Ribbon Dancer. I would have been the most graceful ribbon dancer of all time. This tea is has an airy, swishy ballerina vibe to it. I might have under-leafed it a bit, but I genuinely think that it’s meant to be delicate. (It says “delicate” on the bag. I’m cheating a little bit here.)

You can’t buy this tea directly from Dachi’s site, but you can take a moment to look around the site. (And consider a subscription!) The site has graphics that show not only the tea itself but what it tastes like. Which is a wonderful way for a visual learner like me to discover the properties of different tea. I mean, look at this.

I daresay that’s the Ribbon Dancer of tea photography.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong
Where to Buy:  Dachi Tea

Premium-grade, single-origin, direct-trade tea delivered to your desk or door, month after month.

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Scarlet Honey Oolong Tea from Dachi Tea

Why has it taken me so long to review Scarlet Honey Oolong Tea from Dachi Tea?  Because it’s one to ponder.  Because it’s complex.  Because it’s IMPRESSIVE.  I could go on and on!  This Scarlet Honey Oolong Tea from Dachi Tea is for the BOOKS, folks!

Right away I have to share with you the AROMA experience of this Scarlet Honey Oolong Tea from Dachi Tea!  It’s UNREAL!  Keep in mind that this is NOT flavored.  This is a natural aroma!  The dry leaves kept me guessing for a while.  It smelled like sour fruit.  After minutes of thinking about it I came to the conclusion of sour cherries!  Once infused for about 2 or 3 minutes the sour cherry aroma pushed the envelop a bit more and seemed to morph into a sour cherry and lychee combo.  The cooler the infused tea got the more wine-like the nose was!

As for the taste of Scarlet Honey Oolong Tea from Dachi Tea it continued to please!  It was an incredibly smooth, sweet oolong with slightly sour fruit and honey notes underneath.  I’ve now enjoyed this both hot and cold and I don’t know which one I like better!  Could Scarlet Honey Oolong Tea from Dachi Tea be one of my FAVORITE straight up oolongs of the year?  Perhaps!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Oolong Tea
Where to Buy: Dachi Tea Co.
Scarlet Honey Oolong Tea from Dachi Tea SMDescription:

Naturally bug-bitten and carefully bruised, the high-mountain tea leaves are then deeply oxidized, rolled into scarlet black beads and then slow baked, resulting in a tea with bursting summer fruits sweetness amid woodsy wisps which dance across the tongue. From the first to the final sip, velvety swells of pure honey remain on the upper palate and a cherry and lychee aftertaste lingers, making this tea as captivating as it is complex.Rare in the literal meaning of the word, the batch size of this oolong is limited to the consistency of the weather during the days of picking. All of the leaves must be in a similar state of life and energy as the process starts. To Mr. Yeh, consistency is what gives this tea its tantalizing depth. This is a shining example of the delicacy that can be achieved when tea leaves grown in an alpine climate are combined with thoughtful and patient work. It’s a divine confluence of climate, cultivar and craftsmanship. We couldn’t resist including it in the collection.

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Golden Lily Oolong Tea From Dachi Tea

Fullscreen capture 10202015 24544 PMTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong Tea

Where to Buy: Dachi Tea

Tea Description:

This oolong is made from the Jinxuan varietal invented by Taiwan’s tea research, a varietal renown for its milky aroma and smooth mouthfeel. This specific yield is distinctively vibrant and balances flowery aromas with a faint creaminess, before its chartreuse-colored liqueur and its lightly-floral mid palate give way to a vegetal-yet-sweet finish, reminiscent of sugar snappeas.

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Taster’s Review:

Golden Lily Oolong from Dachi Tea.  “Golden Lily Oolong” what a pretty name.  The name goes perfectly well with this lovely tea that is for sure.  My package says it was obtained at Alishan Mountain at 4,000 feet and that it is a Milky Lilly Oolong.

Dry this oolong smells very nice a combination of floral and peas.  Once you add the hot water it’s more of a floral aroma.  The flavor is heavily floral, subtly sweet because of the sugar snap pea flavor that is naturally found in this leaf, and the finish is quite creamy or ‘milky’ and lives up to it’s name.  It’s slippery on the tongue and after the cuppa is long-gone it leaves your tongue and teeth squeaky-clean.  Yummy!  This is a fantastic oolong!