Just A Little Tart from A Pin Tea Shop. . . .

This tisane came in a colorful, artsy package – a pin up style beauty lounging in a giant tea cup, in adorable strappy black pumps with a flower in her hair. The daring half blouse with the plunging neckline is fitting for the name of the tea…Just A Little Tart.

The blend contains apple, rosehips, hibiscus, citrus peel, flavors, and orange. Ingredient number three brought a shiver. Not the dreaded hibby! But honestly, I don’t hate it like some folks do, and while I am not a fan of strong hibby hot, I do enjoy it iced and sweetened.

Just to be thorough testing this tisane, I did taste it hot and unsweetened. It was, indeed, just a little tart but not terribly so. The apple really does stand out.

I poured the rest of that pot into a carafe with a little sugar and then resteeped. The second steep was quite pale in comparison to the first and the flavor was greatly subdued when I tasted it hot and sweetened, but it was really intended to flesh out the big iced and sweetened pitcher, which it did nicely. The edge is off of it and I wouldn’t mind drinking the resteep as it was.

Now that it has chilled thoroughly, I can honestly say that this is a very enjoyable iced drink and most welcome in the 90+ Fahrenheit weather we have been enduring. I really don’t taste JUST the hibiscus, and that’s a feat since hibiscus can be overpowering. It is a lovely, fruity summer tisane and very refreshing iced.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Fruit Tisane
Where to Buy:  Pin Tea Shop

This tea company may no longer be in business but can be reached below.

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My heart weeps for my inability to purchase more Pin Tea. Their Etsy site has little available at this time, so I hesitate to tell you how much I adore this tea. It might sound like rubbing it in. “Nyah, nyah, I have this wonderful tea and you will be thirsty for it until you die.”

Their fruity tea is juicy and delicious, guys. And the pinup artwork to go with it is so very saucy.

I first tried The Flirt, which is, to the best of my knowledge, some sort of apricot/fruit infused black tea. If it were a lady, it would be a 1950s winky-face kinda gal with magenta lipstick. The kind of woman whom one might call a “dame” or a “skirt.” It’s a flavor-pow, a sock-it-to-ya wham-bam kind of flavor.

I followed it up this morning with “Something Blue,” a gentler green-and-blueberry infusion. This is the wedding day of the Flirt. She’s still very flavorful and cool, but she’s mellowed somewhat. She found the greaser-boy of her dreams and they’re going to settle in to a pre-fab house with a pink kitchen and a poodle dyed blue. She’s going to run a custom-sewn fancy-dress shop. Every dress will have a fluffy tulle under-skirt. Every one of their vacations will be a road trip to somewhere schlocky, and they will fill their fridge with Polaroids of themselves in front of roadside attractions.

We need to petition Pin Tea to come back. . . .

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: Pin Tea Shop

This tea is no longer available but click below for the teas that are.

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Something Blue from Pin Tea Shop

First of all, can I just say how much I adore the name of this tea company! PinTea Shop. Love the pinup look the labels have. I’ve always loved that vintage era of pin up girls and this company’s labels are just simply gorgeous!

This lovely blend is a brilliant mix of blueberries, green tea, and white tea. When you look at the dry leaf, you can see where the “Something Blue” concept comes to play-lovely white and green leaves with pops of blue.

Brewed up with a delicate hand so I wouldn’t oversteep, I allowed this tea to steep for about 3 minutes and to cool for another moment or two. Took my first sip and was ready to be greeted with fruity pops of blueberry. Which wasn’t what happened. Instead I was greeted with a sultry romantic profile that was full of gorgeous white floral notes, slightly hay like flavors, with a background of berry that is light and done with a delicate touch.

With this tea being Something Blue, I assumed the blueberry would just dominate the rest of the flavors and that did not happen at all. I’m crazy impressed with how very gentle this tea is with the flavorings. The tea bases really shine and there is a mystery with every sip because each sip is different in its very own way. This is one of those tea blends that really captures your attention and demands more time with you. Highly memorable, enjoyable, and one that I’ll reach for whenever I’m in the mood for a lightly flavored tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: White/Green Tea
Where to Buy:Pin Tea Shop


Are you intrigued by the world of pinups? Do you enjoy a nice HOT cup of TEA? We have the perfect product line for you!

Our custom designed tins all have a pinup girl that’s inspired by its flavor and the world she lives in. TEA’se your taste buds with a cup or two today!

Description: Worn in weddings, this flavor accomplishes its own law of matrimony, raw and subtle, right and wrong. they stand against each other, as often as they stood for one another.

What you will receive: A custom designed tin filled with our loose leaf tea.

Ingredients: Green tea, white pearls, white tea, flavors, elderberries, hibiscus, blueberries, senna leaves, cornflowers.

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