Mint Sencha Green Tea from Pique Tea. . . .

Well this was shocking. Mint. Sencha. Green Tea. All of these things are green and so all of these things would indicate GREEN powder was hidden inside the little brown tea packet. There is even a green stripe on the package to drive the point home. So I was certainly surprised when I dumped the powder out of the package only to find a substance that resembled golden turmeric in my teacup.

Since the instructions simply said to dissolve in warm water, I topped the yellow powder with water that was 170F. With just a little bit of a stir, the powder gave way to a golden tea.

Sipping on it now, I will say it is a bit bitter. That could be because of the green tea base or spearmint, the mint used in this tea, can also be a bit on the medicinal/harsh side of flavors. If you can get past the bitterness, there is also a buttery, yet vegetal, quality from the sencha. The mint is also clean and fresh but as I said before, harsh.

Personally I am not a fan of this particular tea, flavor wise. However, I do really appreciate what Pique Tea is doing. Their single serving packets of easily dissolving tea crystals is great for those who want tea on the go. It is also good for those of you, like me, who sometimes wants tea but are too lazy to actually get out the filter and spoons to make it properly. Also, no wet and dripping tea bags to have to dispose of when done. All this requires is some water and a place to toss the wrapper and convenience like that can’t be beat. No mess. No fuss. Just tea.

Pique has a bunch of other flavors to choose from and I am definitely intrigued to see how those flavors fare as tea crystals. Consider me intrigued, Pique Tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: Pique Tea

A cool variation of all day super plant hydration. Delivers pure, sustained energy and vitalizing green tea antioxidants, plus the cooling effects of mint. A bright and clear green tea with less caffeine. Made via the perfect pairing of an exquisite shade grown green tea and fresh Oregon spearmint. Make every gulp count. Perfect iced or hot. #fuelyourflow

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Mint Sencha Green Tea from Pique. . . . .

This tea is interesting. It comes in a little packet, and it’s been crystallized so it’s a powder. But it isn’t a powder like Matcha that needs to be whisked or stirred vigorously. It dissolves immediately in hot water, I barely had to stir!

Right away I smelled mint and it immediately woke up my senses. I love mint tea so much for it’s ability to wake up my senses and make me ready for the day. It’s both stimulating and relaxing.

What I really like about this particular tea is that while the mint flavor is definitely front and center, I can still taste the earthiness of the sencha tea. I really appreciate that since I do love green tea.

I don’t drink caffeinated tea often these days, but when I do I really want to enjoy and savor it, and this tea was very enjoyable. I’ve been dealing with some minor stuffiness brought on by sinus issues, and the mint really helped first thing in the morning. I feel much more clear headed and alert.

According to Pique’s website, the ingredients are 100% organic, and batch tested to ensure antioxidant levels and no heavy metals. The polyphenol antioxidant level is high for this tea, so not only is is delicious but it’s very good for you. I would imagine that this would make a really amazing iced tea on a hot summer day.

This tea needs no sweetener or added anything, it really is very tasty all on it’s own. It’s perfectly balanced, the mint is not too strong or bitter, and it is definitely one of the best mint teas I’ve ever tried. My body is thanking me for drinking it!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea
Where to Buy:  Pique

Minty. Refreshing. Welcome to your newest obsession.

Caffeine: 3 out of 5
Polyphenol Antioxidant Level: 236mg

  • 14 sachets (servings) per carton
  • Organic, premium tea leaves brewed and crystallized for a perfect cup of tea
  • Simply open, pour in cup, and add water
  • Free of artificial flavors, preservatives and sugar

The perfect pairing of our exquisite Sencha tea with fresh organic Oregon spearmint. A perfect climate of abundant sunshine combined with lush rainfall produce this highly prized mint that is potent in both flavor and essential oils.


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Earl Grey Organic Black Tea Crystals from Pique Tea

d7fae485035f4cb1ae9b4a6130efcbc6Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Pique Tea

Tea Description:

Citrusy. Cherry-infused. Your day just got fancier.

Polyphenol Antioxidant Level: 245mg

  • 14 sachets (servings) per carton
  • Organic, premium tea leaves brewed and crystallized for a perfect cup of tea
  • Simply open, pour in cup, and add water
  • Free of artificial flavors, preservatives and sugar

Our delicious Earl Grey is made from the finest Organic and Fair Trade certified leaves from the world-renowned Idulgashinna Estate in the Uva region in eastern Sri Lanka. A really special area, at 3,300-6,500 feet in elevation, the Uva region receives tons of rain in winter very strong, dry winds in late summer. This garden produces a very smooth cup with light fruity hints and delicate pungency. The finish is long and clean, with a hint of fresh-cut pine and a nice accent of orange zest.

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Sourced from Fair Trade Certified tea farms
  • Batch tested to ensure antioxidant levels and no heavy metals

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Boy do I have a product for you – Earl Grey Organic Black Tea Crystals from Pique Tea – is something I will tell EVERYONE about today!  Pique Tea takes LEAF to crystal!  Pique Tea Crystals are the intersection of modern science and ancient tradition—a proprietary process that slow brews and extracts the fresh flavor and nutrients of whole leaf tea at optimal levels and locks it in a crystal form.

This in itself made me categorize this product in with the black tea rather than only putting them in with tea products.  I have tried other products that are crystals for your tea which would be specifically a tea product but Earl Grey Organic Black Tea Crystals from Pique Tea are crystals that are ACTUALLY made from tea leaves.  That is the most important and deciding factor here, I think.

Another thing I want to point out about Earl Grey Organic Black Tea Crystals from Pique Tea is that the crystals that you pour in your cup – heat up – and enjoy – are just that – crystals – or what may look to many – as powder.  After closer examination you will see that the ‘dust’ varies in size and the more sizable crystals may (or may not) have a glimmer to them.

Now…let’s talk about the more sizable glimmery crystals – shall we?  I’ve had other products that you pour into a cup and have had minimal tea in them but have been completely overpowered by sugar and other additives.  I have had novelTEA products that have been a groovy concept but not that great in flavor.  I have had MANY ‘convenient’ pour-in-and-go packaged tea or tea-like drink mixes that have collected grit in the bottom of my cup.  But let me be clear when I say that Earl Grey Organic Black Tea Crystals from Pique Tea blows all of these other product away!  Sure…the directions say stir but I have to tell you I didn’t even have to do that!  As soon as my hot water splashed these fine crystals they dissolved!  Nothing was found at the bottom of the cup!  The liquid looked like PURE and clean black tea!

And I rejoiced when I tasted NO sugar in this cuppa!  If you have been reading this blog for a while you may know that I do NOT add ANYTHING to my teas!  I drink them straight up!  No sugars or other additives – no milk or milk alternatives!  I really think this little packet of wonder was made for me!

Another comparison I would like to point out here is the trendy and mainstream K-Cups that we’ve all seen on the shelves!  I have a problem with these.  I have tried just about every tea based K-cup out there HOPING that I can find one at least acceptable but I haven’t yet.  (If you know of one – or are from a company that uses quality tea in K-cup form please leave a comment and/or contact us).  Anyhow…enough about my Tea Based K-Cup rant – I was going somewhere with this!  And that is that Earl Grey Organic Black Tea Crystals from Pique Tea shines brighter than ANY K-Cup or drop-and-heat product out there!

Now…on to the actual smell and taste!  As for aroma – Earl Grey Organic Black Tea Crystals from Pique Tea – isn’t an in-your-face Earl Grey punch to the nose but I am ok with that.  The taste, however, is pretty good!  It DOES taste like Earl Grey!  It’s not an overdone Earl Grey flavor but it’s not underdone either.  The one thing that I seemed to have missed is the cherry infusion that the product description mentioned but I’m not worried about that.  I would put this on the ‘just right’ flavor scale!  I bet if I wanted it stronger I could probably just use a little less water.  I have yet to experiment with this.  This Earl Grey Organic Black Tea Crystals from Pique Tea is a real winner!

I was quite surprised with this product and will be mentioning it to MANY.  I was able to sneak one of their other flavors and will be doing a review of that in the neat future, too, and let me tell you that was impressive as well!  Pique Tea is a game changer!  There…I said it!