Caramel Popcorn Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

It’s been a while since our last Red Leaf Tea review so I thought why not write about Caramel Popcorn Matcha from Red Leaf Tea!

The color of this is a grey-green but the old sniffer is drawn to the smell of it!  It sure DOES smell like Caramel Popcorn with the vegetal matcha by it’s side!  I was surprised to learn that the only two ingredients in this was matcha and peanut butter flavoring!

Caramel Popcorn Matcha from Red Leaf Tea is really delicious!   It does taste like Caramel Popcorn and matcha!  The gently popped likeness was just enough to notice.  The caramel (or peanut butter flavor) was top notch!  It leaves a slightly sweet and creamy after taste.  It isn’t the slightest bit bitter which is nice especially for this flavored matcha!

customer_area_logoHere’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha (Green Tea)
Where to Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Pure Matcha powder from green leaves, Peanut Butter Natural Flavor

Delightfully sweet caramel corn can be given wider appeal by adding the exotic velvety touch of oriental Matcha. The resulting Caramel Popcorn Matcha is a sweet and pleasant tasting snack that can be served and enjoyed by a wide variety of people from all walks of life. For the young children, this sweet tasting and bright colored treat holds obvious attraction for all the right reasons. For working adults, Caramel Popcorn Matcha provides them with the added sugar and energy needed to get through their hassle filled days and nights. For senior citizens it gives them many minutes of pure enjoyment as they sample its sweet depths.

Caramel Popcorn Matcha is an adaptable drink that can be used for any occasion. When it is used for festivities, it combines perfectly with many other snacks likes nuts and pies, among many others. When used as an everyday treat, it makes an excellent mid morning or mid afternoon snack. Caramel Popcorn Matcha is a delectable treat that provides its many takers with something to look forward to especially when times are tough and a little sweetening is required to make life bearable.

Irrespective of the age group, it is impossible to go wrong with Caramel Popcorn Matcha. This is because, with its Matcha twist, its concentrated sweetness is tempered and balanced nicely. Caramel Popcorn Matcha can easily become the treat of choice at many corporate functions instead of partaking of the usual sweet refreshment choices normally on offer. This unforgettable Matcha treat always keeps its date with the unapologetic sweet tooth.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Summer Kiss from Red Leaf Tea Company

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Red Leaf Tea Company

Product Description:

This tea is blends organically grow black tea leaves with flowery accents. It will enable you to rise up on the hottest day of the year with a body filled with a clear and cool spirit. Our blend creates a unique and powerful mix of sweetness and tartness, adding a bright morning alertness to our brews. To create this special jumble of lightness and vigor, we have added red rosebud, purple mountain rose hips and hibiscus to the basic leaves of our black tea. Sweet flavors require expert handling, and we have the skills to offer you the greatest morning tea in the nation.

Tasters Review:

I, for one, am overly ready to KISS SUMMER hello!  So when I saw this Summer Kiss tea from Red Leaf Tea Company I was very happy.  I know you aren’t supposed to judge a tea by it’s name – but I couldn’t resist!

This black tea had large rose buds in it and shouted SUMMER!  It was highly scented and the taste was pleasing – that is for sure!  The product description mentioned hibiscus – to be honest I didn’t notice it – and that is coming from someone who doesn’t favor hibiscus.  I know of the healthy benefits of hibiscus and really wished I did LOVE it but I usually find it too tart or too sweet or distracting for me.  I will say – whatever Red Leaf did with it in flavoring the black tea here – is PERFECT!  At least for my personal preferences!

The black tea taste is a little weaker of the black teas I have had but  that is ok…I don’t think a big, bold, black would work here with this blend…so again…Red Leaf is “right on”.  Then there is the rose.  The roses are beautiful and very flavorful!  I recently found this nutritional info about infusing rose buds and petals and thought I would share it with you…

Rose hips are consumed in tea in part for their nutritional value. According to, a single ounce of rose hips contains 24 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin A, 5 percent of calcium, and a whopping 199 percent of vitamin C. Native Americans used rose hips in teas, and then, rather than discarding the remaining hips, added them to soups and stews because they were too nutritious to waste. Rose petals have also been used to make tea, but their nutritional content has not been studied.

This is a healthy, fun, summery tea!  I sure did put a smile on my face!  I think it will put one on yours, too!

Rose Earl Grey from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

Create your own heaven with rose earl grey tea. The full body of flavor of oil of bergamot that is traditional early grey is captured wonderfully with the addition of rose petals. This tasty blend of rose petals and earl grey offers a smooth and pleasant taste full of satisfying citrus and complementing floral tones. Rose petals not only provide earl grey with additional amazing flavor but with the immune system defense of Vitamin C. Protect yourself and enjoy yourself with rose earl grey. Add a sprig of mint to increase its aromatic qualities and powerful taste or add a dash of lemon to bring out the natural citrus flavor. Put it on ice for cool treat for yourself and guests or serve it warm as a perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

Tasters Review:

I don’t know why I am hesitant to drink Rose flavored teas.  Maybe it’s because I assume they are going to be bitter from all the rose petals…but that is rarely the case.

This Rose Earl Grey from Red Leaf Tea is very nice!

It’s everything you would expect from a Rose EG!   It’s intensely scented and the flavor is ‘just right’ once it hits the tongue.

It’s juicy and floral – and it meets in the middle wonderfully!


Assam Jungle Cabernet from Red Leaf Tea

Leaf Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

Wine Infused Tea***

The Assam region of India is well known for its strong, malty black teas and pungent green teas. To the powerful briskness of these teas we have added the sweet and vivid flavor of a bright cabernet wine. Heavily infused prior to drying, the full-bodied cabernet pervades the deep and dark Assam herbs, brightening a black tea that famously stimulates your afternoons!

Ingredients: Assam black tea, licorice root with cinnamon and cabernet flavoring

Tasters Review:

My mother and I used to sell candles in addition to our full-time “day” jobs.  One of our best sellers was CABERNET.  Yes, Cabernet – the wine!  When I saw this wine infused tea from Red Leaf Tea I was very eager to try it!

If you are a Cabernet fan I don’t think there would be any guessing that this is EXACTLY what this tea smells like prior to infusion! The Grape-Cabernet sweetness really comes thru in the bold aroma of this Assam Jungle Cabernet!

Once the infusion is complete I could smell more of the black tea AND the Cabernet smell with undertones of cinnamon…but not a fireball-candy type cinnamon…more like an Indian Spice – the type like in a traditional Indian Meal/Side Dish. I think the licorice tones down the fruitiness of the Cabernet…but not all that much.  It’s dark brown in color and the taste is MUCH different that I expected based on the outstanding aroma. The black tea – Assam – pulls thru and is flavorful BUT bold and the Cabernet taste seems to be too.

I have found I really like wine infused teas.  I have mostly tasted white teas that have been infused with wine.  I think this is my first black tea that has been infused with wine, tho…and I like it very much!