Thoughts on Darjeeling Silver Needle from The Kettlery. . .

Touted on its website as the most expensive and famous teas on earth its not hard to see why with its incredible flavor.

Truly this is a one of a kind tea. From beginning, the beautifully processed and dried young leaves, to the end, with its sweet after taste this tea is a master piece. It has a sweetness to it that is unlike anything I’ve tasted before.

What’s truly amazing is that it isn’t because of anything added to it.

The sweetness is simply because of where it was grown, harvested, and processed.

It has slight grassy notes as well but they are somehow different from that of ones found in green tea.The website also describes the sweetness as muscatel, which, when steeped correctly, is uniquely present in the undertones.


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: White
Where to Buy:  The Kettlery

One of the most expensive and famous tea on earth from the mountains of Darjeeling. Darjeeling Silver Needle is a paradise for straight tea lover.

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Green Twirl Nilgiri Tea from The Kettlery. . . . .

Green Twirl Nilgiri Tea from The Kettlery is a no muss-no fuss sort of green tea. If you are looking for a sweeter-green that is clean and true this one might be for you!

It isn’t much for aroma but it makes up for it in juicy-sweet almost cantaloupe-like notes in this straight-up green tea. Green Twirl Nilgiri Tea from The Kettlery is easy-drinking! Enjoy it hot or cold! It’s naturally juicy and makes your mouth water as you drink it!

It’s a very forgiving green tea because I found it was hard to over infuse. It’s not bitter at all! It’s not all that grassy either. The hints of grass you may taste are more of a sweeter grass. I think this is pretty fantastic!

I can’t help but think of my Color Guard days while in High School Marching Band twirling my flag to the theme of the year while smelling sweet green grassy pastures of lemon-lime goodness! Not only is their a word association for me here but also surrounding aroma of nature at it’s best!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: The Kettlery

Green Twirl as the name suggests is a green tea from the majestic Nilgiris.
The eye pleasing green colored tea leaves unfurl to bestow upon you the love of nature.
It calms your your body and mind to create a magical atmosphere of serenity. The mild green
colored liquor can be enhanced with honey and lemon.

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Happy Holidays from SororiTea Sisters and The Kettlery!

We thought a giveaway was the best way to end 2017! The Kettlery has amazingly fresh quality teas and they have graciously offered to allow us to giveaway this gorgeous Herbal Bliss set of their teas!


Description of this brilliant set:

Tisanes or herbal teas, have been used for thousands of years for their complex taste and perceived therapeutic properties. In our mission to promote health and wellness through full leaf teas, we have created the Herbal Bliss Tea Set. This tea set contains three Ayurveda inspired herbal teas: Amusing Peppermint, Lavender Blues and Herb Asia. Also, included: Smart Office Cup, 3 Storage Tins.

Good luck! This set values at over $50 and it is absolutely fabulous!

Happy Holidays to our families and The Kettlery to yours!

Happy Holidays Giveaway!

Blueberries and Blossoms in My Cup! Rooibos Blend From The Kettlery

As much as I love pumped-up black teas and spicy chai teas, I do need an herbal comfort now and again.  Enter: Blueberry Blossoms Rooibos Tea from the Kettlery.  Unsurprisingly, the overall the focus of this blend is blueberry.  You can smell the berries in the dry leaf, and their flavor is very forward in the brew.  This tea is not too juicy, or fruit-heavy, like other blueberry blends with hibiscus or apple pieces.  This is more subdued and toasty, like a blueberry scone.

I can understand why rooibos teas might be a hit-or-miss for some people.  Red rooibos can taste like medicine if oversteeped and green rooibos can be bland if you are not in the mood for it.  This tea feels like a happy medium, an easy-going rooibos, strong enough to add some nuttiness underneath the blueberry flavors, but far from overpowering. I didn’t experience any sour or bitter tones when brewing this tea, only warm and gentle blueberry.

There are marshmallow blossoms listed in the ingredients list, which I found intriguing.  We all know what marshmallows taste like, little clouds of pure sweetness in cocoa or Lucky Charms, but they’re not quite the same as marshmallow blossoms.  My internet research tells me that mallow blossoms should taste a bit sweet, like their sugary counterparts.  Any additional sweetness in this tea gets wrapped up in the blueberry flavor, and I didn’t notice any unusual herbal tastes in this tea.  Perhaps the mallow blossoms are in this blend for their visual appeal.  The little lavender blossoms certainly are a nice pair with the deep purple blueberries.

If you’re looking for a gentle, nutty, blueberry tea without too much sour fruit or in-your-face hibiscus, I recommend brewing up a pot of Blueberry Blossoms Roobios from the Kettlery.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos
Where to Buy: The Kettlery

This tea is better than dessert. Indulge into a healthy guilty pleasure with this rooibos tea blended with blueberry and smooth marshmallow blossoms.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery #VeganMoFo2016


It’s a Goth Day prompt for Vegan MoFo 2016 and what better tea to pair this prompt with than Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery. Darjeelings can seem to be more dark and brooding teas, something that we adore in their temperament!

Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery has a lovely name and a delightful taste, too!

The dry leaves of Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery are multi-colored…various tones of brown, muted greens, and shades of grey. Some look crispy and others look a bit fuzzy.

Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery has that stereotypical Darjeeling flavor I have come to recognize well over the years but it’s a pretty strong tasting Darjeeling Black Tea which is nice because others are a bit too delicate for those hard-to-get-into-mornings!

This specific Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery smells like sweet, wet wood and also has floral notes, too! This was a mighty-fine Darjeeling, indeed!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black/Darjeeling
Where to Buy: The Kettlery

Darjeeling brings to the world this amazing tea during the pleasant season of spring. The leaves of this premium tea retain their greenish shade which give them the floral mouth filling taste. It is globally loved for its muscatel spring flavor which transports you into a world of culinary delight. It is best enjoyed without milk and sugar.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!