Homestead Peach from Winterwoods Tea, part of Amoda’s Tea Box #VeganMoFo2016

Today’s prompt for Vegan MoFo 2016 is Multi-color. And with today’s tea, I think that fits perfectly. This tea is just gorgeous with all of the different color pop.  Truly a multi color tea if I have to say so myself!

The tea of the moment here at Sororitea Sisters is Homestead Peach by Winterwoods Tea which was part of our Amoda Box. Homestead Peach by Winterwoods Tea is an herbal blend consisting of (mostly) organic ingredients…strawberry leaf, dried peaches, hibiscus, lemon peel, orange peel, rose hips, and peach extract.

homestead-peach2I was surprised at the more laid-back, mellow aroma that this herbal tisane had. It’s wasn’t overpowering. It was subtly peach and citrus. I absolutely LOVED the fact that the peach FLAVOR of this was REAL. Not fake and/or chemically. I also LOVED that there was hardly any hibiscus in there. There seemed to be JUST ENOUGH to give it a little color in the cup and end-sip pucker on the tongue.

Homestead Peach by Winterwoods Tea was mouth wateringly (YES, I made that end in “LY”) tasty and gently flavored. I enjoyed this hot but even more cold. Homestead Peach by Winterwoods Tea is a fantastic herbal!

Just another wonderful reason why signing up for Amoda’s monthly tea box is the perfect way to enjoy teas you may have never even thought about trying or knew about. Perfect for that tea enthusiast on your holiday shopping list!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
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How We See It:
Rich peach notes, reminiscent of grilled peaches, blended with dark fruits, hibiscus and rose hips. This is an amazing tea to transition to Fall. You’ll love the tangy citrus finish too. This tea reminds us of home. It’s comforting and familiar.

What’s In It: 
Organic strawberry leaf, dried peaches, organic hibiscus, organic lemon peel, organic orange peel, organic rose hips, pure peach extract (certified gluten free)

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Happy Pumpkin Tea from October’s Amoda Tea Monthly Box

It’s that time of year again: pumpkin season! I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for all things pumpkin spice, so it’s no surprise that I’m drinking pumpkin tea. But with all the ridiculous pumpkinacolpyse products that come out this time of year, let’s see how Happy Pumpkin Tea from Amoda teas holds up.

For one, this tea has actual pumpkin as a main ingredient. You can actually see orange pumpkin pieces in the dry leaf, and the starchy, sweet potato flavor is forward in the hot brew.

monthlyboxIn addition to the usual spice suspects– cinnamon, ginger, and cloves– the blend also has allspice and cocoa nibs. The allspice builds on the traditional chai flavors, giving an unexpected peppery note, most prevalent in the fragrance. The cocoa nibs play well with the pumpkin, bringing out a brown sugar sweetness from both ingredients. Ceylon black tea gives this blend body and brews up surprisingly smooth.

Happy Pumpkin Tea is definitely worth a try for any pumpkin enthusiast.

We just wanted to take a moment and welcome MrsPremise to the SororiTea Sisters! We hope you enjoy her reviews as much as we do!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
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-This tea was part of the October’s monthly box.

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Lime Green with Envy from BlendBee

Lime-Green-with-EnvyTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Amoda Tea

Tea Description:

You don’t see as many lime teas as you do lemon because it’s so much more sour than a lemon and can be tough to balance in a tea. Here it really works though. The lime is tame. The strong green teas and the raspberry leaf give the tea backbone – a little bit earthy, vegetal and what hints at a black tea flavour.

What’s In It: 
All organic ingredients: sencha green tea, china green tea, lemon peel, raspberry leaf, lime extract.

Learn more about this tea here.

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Taster’s Review:

Let’s all say that when I opened up this month’s Amoda Tea box, I squealed. . . LOUDLY! I love Amoda Tea’s monthly box and to see a company that I have been wanting to try for some tea featured, well, I was a happy girl to say the least.

Each month Amoda Tea puts together a thoughtful offering for their customers.  What I love is that when I open the box up, they have lovingly packaged my teas with my name on it. That just makes you smile!

This month they featured BlendBee, a company that I first heard about on Twitter.  When I saw that there was a sampling of Lime Green with Envy, I couldn’t get my infuser out quick enough.  This tea is described as a green tea with a sour twist. That is a lot for a tea to live up to. So I prepared my water and sat somewhat patiently while the tea steeped.  3 minutes later I was ready to take my first sip.

My initial thoughts? Wow, they got this right! I can really pick up that lime flavor.  Sour but not overly so that I’m puckering up as I drink the tea.  The green tea base is laying down a nice flavor that is somewhat grassy with notes of a vegetal finish.  Each flavor contrasts the other in a very nice way. This tea was crisp and refreshing!

As much as I loved this tea hot, I wanted to try it cold so I popped in a few ice cubes, threw the infuser back in the tea and let it steep for a few more minutes.

What I got in return was one of the best iced teas I’ve had in a bit. This will be one of those teas that I’ll be remembering for some time to come. Cold this tea just shines. I would love to finish this glass off with a nice lemon or lime wedge and possibly turn this tea into a mojito even. Cooled down the lime flavor really shines thru and I’m reminded of summer.  A great tea to have to bring some sunshine in your day.

This month’s offerings have made me realize that I need an Amoda Monthly Tea Box in my life every month.  I will be asking for a subscription for Christmas and if Santa doesn’t bring me what I want? I’ll be getting for myself!