Superfine Keemun Mao Feng Black Tea from Teavivre

superfinekeemunmaofengblacktea2016071903.e980c46029edb5209fc59ddb2e08edadTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: TeaVivre

Tea Description:

  • Original Place: Qi men County, Anhui
  • Tree Species: Zhuye
  • Harvest time: April 22, 2016
  • Appearance: black, tightly twisted tea leaves interweave with tight and straight tips
  • Flavor: smells of naturally sweet and a flower aroma, smooth and fresh. It also produces a rich flavor with the subtle undertones of delicately aged tea.
  • Tea Liquid: reddish in color; at the surface of tea water a golden loop appears along the circle of inner side of tea cup.
  • Spent Leaves: bright brown in color, shiny and neat

Keemum Mao Feng, one special variety of Keemun black tea origins from Qi Men County in Anhui province of China, has famous reputation for its peculiar aroma and shape. It has also been made widely familiar as one of the four world’s best black tea. It is carefully processed so that the shape of the tea leaves resemble that of the Mao Feng Green Tea. This is why it got the name “Keemum Mao Feng“.

With the thin and twisted strips of tea leaves and peculiar aroma (fruity mixed with orchid-like), those russet interwoven tea leaves look neat and taste wonderful.

Aroma and Taste

With fresh, finer selections of tea leaves and traditional style processing method, this Keemum Mao Feng Black Tea do have floral notes in the aroma that could mature to a deeper, fruit-tone fragrance. This is the very tea you have been looking for.


Once the tea leaves and buds are harvested, those tender leaves are sorted out by hand to create a premium Keemun tea. The selected leaves then go through an elaborate fermentation process which changes the color of the leaves from green to a deep dark brown or brownish-black color.

Where is TeaVivre’s Keemun black tea produced

Huangshan Mountain lies in the south of Anhui Province, circling from east towards west.
Mountain regions occupies 90% of its total area, with an average elevation around 600 meters. Tea gardens mainly spread in valleys between the elevation of 100 to 350 meters. Forests take an percentage of 80% of its total area. Day and night temperature here ranges greatly, while with cloudy climate and short time of daylight, forming a suitable environment for tea’s growth. This Keemun Fragrant Black Tea TeaVivre chose is from the tea base in Huangjing Village, Boxi Township.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

TeaVivre ‘never ceases to amaze me’ so I shouldn’t have been shocked to enjoy Superfine Keemun Mao Feng Black Tea from Teavivre!  I can’t decide if I like this tea better piping hot or cooled naturally at room temperature or even iced.  All 3 options are great!  It’s a very flavorful tea without it being flavored with anything.  By that I mean…the black tea leaves have character and class all on their own.

Superfine Keemun Mao Feng Black Tea from Teavivre is a medium strength black tea that is somewhat fragrant but just when you think you are smelling hints of flowers it switches it up to hints of fruit.  Regardless – it’s delightful!  The taste follows suit.  It has a nice ‘even steven’ ratio of floral, fruity, nutty, and cakey, even!

This tea – Superfine Keemun Mao Feng Black Tea from Teavivre – keep you guessing – but – keeps you satisfied that is for sure!  This is a a real winner!


Precious Eyebrow (Chunmee) from Shanti Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Shanti Tea

Tea Description:

This Precious Eyebrow tea originates from Anhui Province, China. Also known as Chunmee, it is the most popular green tea in China, consumed by millions every day. Our Precious Eyebrow is the highest grade of ‘eyebrow’ tea available. The eyebrow-shaped leaves yield a pleasantly aromatic and refreshing yellow infusion with a slight astringency and a provocative plum-like aftertaste.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Precious Eyebrow is one of those teas that I don’t often drink, but, when I do finally get around to having a cup, I wish I had made time for it sooner.

This is one of the nicer Chunmee teas I’ve tasted.  It has a light vegetal tone to it – not so much “grassy” as it is like steamed spinach, perhaps with a bit of melted butter on top.  It has a very mellow, smooth taste to it, with nutty undertones and a delectable fruity note in the background.

There is very little astringency to this tea, and no bitterness.  Just a sweet, roasted nut flavor with mild “green” tones and a sweet, juicy finish.  The aftertaste is a mellow nutty flavor with hints of smoke.

Chunmee is one of those teas that every green tea drinker should keep on hand for when they want a delicious, easy-going tea.  It’s delicious served hot or iced.

Keemun Finest Chuen Cha from Butiki Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Butiki Teas

Product Description:

Grown near the Huang Shan mountains in the southern Anhui Province, Keemun in China, this tea is a relatively strong. Subtle notes of cocoa, leather, dried plum and wet earth can be noted.

Taster’s Review:

This is a stunning Keemun:  full-flavored and delicious, but with a somewhat softer approach.  Many Keemun teas are very bracing, this is not quite as bold but at the same time manages to maintain a gentle strength that I am really enjoying.

My first reaction to the taste of this tea is “wow!  Smoky.”  But as I continue to sip, I realize that it is less “smoky” than it is almost charcoal-esque.  Not that it tastes as though I’ve steeped some of charcoal briquettes or anything, but it has that sort of essence about it.

It is a very earthy and masculine tasting tea, but underneath these assertive flavors is a wonderful sweetness.   A molasses-y sweetness!  I also get the flavors as described in the product description above.  I taste notes of a savory cocoa, a rustic leather, sweet dried plum and damp earth.

Together, it becomes a deliciously complex cup of tea.  At first reaction, I was a bit uncertain about this tea, but now, as I am finishing the cup, I am realizing just how good this really is.  It’s good for multiple infusions too!

Another remarkable tea from Butiki Teas!  I expected no less!