Organic Dian Hong from Basic Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Basic Tea

Product Description:

This organic Dian Hong is an exquisite black tea from the Yunnan Province of China. Also translated as “Yunnan Red” due to the reddish infusion of the tea leaf, this handmade, smooth tasting tea can be compared in taste to top quality Assam teas from India.

Taster’s Review:

This is a very interesting tea.  Delicious and quite different from any black tea that I’ve tried, while at the same time, very similar to many different black teas I’ve tried.  Yeah, like I said, it’s very interesting!

The dry leaf reminds me quite a bit of a Formosa Oolong.  The leaves are dark, twisted, and long and tangled, just like a high quality Formosa might be.  In fact, I was so certain this was an Oolong that when I went to look for more information about it before brewing it, I looked in the “Oolong” section on the Basic Tea website.  I certainly did not expect to find it in with the black tea.

But upon tasting this tea, it becomes quite evident that this is a black tea.  But then again, this is a very curious tea in that it doesn’t taste like a typical Yunnan, although there are notes that are quite similar to a Yunnan, and yet this Dian Hong is a bit more even-toned than a Yunnan, and its the smooth, mellow notes that remind me quite a bit of a Ceylon.  There is also a rich, malty quality to this tea that is quite similar to an Assam!  Hmm… curiouser and curiouser!

I can taste some piquant Lychee flavors in the background as well as a hint of rose that sort of lingers on the tip of the tongue in the aftertaste.  This is really one of the most fascinating teas I’ve ever tried!

Ancient Emerald Green Tea from Basic Tea

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Basic Tea

Product Description:

This long, wiry organic tea leaf comes from the Jing Mai village in Yunnan, China. This “emerald” green tea is famous for its full-bodied taste and lasting aroma, which can be infused two or even three times throughout the day. Steep 1 generous tsp. per 6 oz. cup for 3 minutes. ENJOY! 3.5 ounces $11.50

Tasters Review:

This tea makes my head spin with all sorts of thoughts!  Let me explain…it’s sort of like a word association thing…

When I see or hear the word ANCIENT I automatically think of tradition, history, smart, and for some reason when I think of EMERALDS I think of Green, of course, but also words like special, superior, and nature come to mind.  In a way I can relate all of these thoughts to this tea in some way, shape, or form.  Other things that come to mind while drinking this tea are…YUMMY!  Of Course the taste is YUMMY but it’s also sweet.  It’s not grassy.  It has a lingering sweet green aftertaste.  As far at the aroma…it smells like…
gently buttered veggies, sweet, nutty, yet warm.

This tea was much better than I anticipated!  I was thinking it was going to be ‘average’ but it better than average!  A nice surprise!  I would drink this again – maybe even often!  To sum in up on one word…YUM!