Jack Frost from Bluebird Tea. . . . .

There are a lot of minty candy-cane inspired teas out there this time of year, so I was excited to try a more focused, herbal take on mint tea, with Jack Frost from Bluebird Tea.


This herbal blend is mainly spearmint and eucalyptus with a hint of sweeter flavors like coconut and vanilla.  That hint of sweetness makes all the difference– pure spearmint tea has a bit too much icy bite, feeling more like medicine than a calm cup of tea.  Jack Frost was smooth and cool without being too fierce or leaving me frozen.

It might sound odd to drink a mint tea at a hot temperature, but I’ve found it very calming both in my mind and in my cookie-crowded stomach.  Mint is supposedly good for your digestion, so it’s been a nice blend to have on hand with all the rich eating of the holidays.  If nothing else, the crisp, minty feeling on my tongue helps me feel refreshed during the bustle of the winter season.  Since Jack Frost is an herbal blend, it’s naturally decaf and perfect for that before-bed brew.

The first time I brewed this tea, I was a bit baffled to see blue-green glitter in my mug.  Had my holiday crafting spilled over into my tea?  It turns out that the extra sparkle is from the snowflake sprinkles in the dry leaf.  Once heated, the sprinkles melt and add a little shimmer and a little sweetness to the lush, green spearmint.

Jack Frost is a great blend for when you want to clear your mind and have the power and focus of fresh, clean, winter snow.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Bluebird Tea

The mischevious Jack Frost is a crisp, cool cuppa. With icy spearmint, frosty coconut + snowflake sprinkles, Jack Frost will sure nip your nose + toes!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Sensiblyscript’s Take on Lapsang Chai by Bluebird Tea Company. . . .

Steeping specs: One teaspoon at 212 degrees for 4 minutes in 1 cup of water.

This was an exciting idea for a tea. I’ve tried actual lapsang souchong once and couldn’t get through my mugful (maybe it was a bad idea to add milk, but I couldn’t stand it without milk either so I figured it couldn’t hurt anything). It’s not because I don’t like smoky flavors, either. I love smoked meat (I mean, BACON, right?), and I love campfires although it’s true I don’t eat them. But combining smoky tea with other strong spices that I know I like sounds like a very clever idea. I only wish I’d had it. In fact, I think I might have the rest of that sample packet of Lapsang somewhere; maybe I should go experiment with mixing it with various chais.

But I digress. . . .

After steeping for four minutes I took a good whiff–it smells tantalizingly smoky. This could be either a good thing or a problem, as mentioned above. The color is amber-ish–on the light side for a chai, I think (and I do have the unfortunate tendency to judge my tea’s strength by its color! I’ve been known to waaaaay over-steep my tea just because it didn’t look dark enough to me). A few crumbs of leaf have escaped my basket, so maybe I’ll use the finer mesh next time I steep this. What’s really exciting is that although the smell is smoky, I can smell spices too! Cinnamon, ginger, and possibly clove, I think.

First taste: it’s definitely not tasting like liquid smoke here, which is good! The flavor combo is hard to describe, though. The smoky tang and the warmth from the spices hit me at approximately the same time with each sip, which means it really has a kick! It’s not a super spicy chai, though, so if you’re sensitive to spice that probably won’t be a problem (depending on just how sensitive you are, of course. Some people manage to complain of spiciness in foods that taste basically bland to me).

The smokiness combines especially well with the ginger notes for some reason. Does ginger have a smoky component normally? I don’t know. I just know that this tastes really, really good. The smoke lingers a bit after each sip, but like I said, it’s not overpowering.

I also tried this tea with milk and sugar and found it still enjoyable, although less unique. That could just be due to the fact that I have a tendency to put milk and sugar in all my tea, though the milk does seem to muffle the brightness of the spice notes a bit too.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:  Bluebird Tea Co.

We like to do things a bit differently at Bluebird. Our latest infusion is a thoughtful blend of Lapsang Souchong, malty Assam + aromatic masala chai spices. A BREWtiful blend of tea + culture alike!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Vicky’s Sponge Cake from Bluebird Tea

vicky_s_sponge_cakeTea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy:  Bluebird Tea 

Tea Description:

Think vanilla sponge cake with a dollop of raspberry jam!

There is nothing better than a cuppa and cake (except perhaps a cake flavored cuppa!) and did you know it was our good old queenie Victoria who invented the Vicky Sponge? Guess the name gives it away a bit! She loved taking afternoon tea with her home girls but decided they needed some extra nourishment to last until dinner. Cake it is then! We like your thinking QV!

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, Coconut, Strawberry granules, Freeze dried raspberries, Raspberry leaves.


Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I have been eyeing this tea for a while now.  So when a few people expressed interest in a shared order, I didn’t hesitate.  I used to belong to Bluebird Tea’s monthly plan, but with the shipping fees to the States being a bit high and my strong dislike of red rooibos, I thought it would be better to cancel. That was a couple years ago.  Fast forward to a couple days ago when this box of Bluebird Tea arrived at the house.  I squealed I was so excited.

I thought I would wait and share this one with my dad.  He loves tea and mostly drinks bagged tea just for the sheer convenience of it.  He also doesn’t take care of himself so I was hoping this might help him avoid the dessert table during our Mother’s Day festivities.  It didn’t detour him from the table, but I did!

When I opened the tea packet and peeked inside, I couldn’t believe the huge freeze dried raspberries that were in this tea! They looked delicious just on their own.  The mix is very attractive looking.  I scooped a few tablespoons into a tea bag and poured fresh water into the tea kettle.  Brought the water to a boil and threw in the tea.  Steeped for 4 minutes and poured into two mugs.

This smelled just like raspberry jam.  Tasted like it too.  Every once in a while you would pick up the cake like flavor. But I was ok with that.  I wished the cake flavor came out more, but this raspberry jam like taste was simply fantastic. I could barely pick up the black tea base.  The Ceylon tea base was so very smooth.

My dad really enjoyed it and said that out of all the tea we had drank that day, this one he could drink every day -all day.  So very good.  I was able to get another infusion out of it, but the infusion was quite a bit weaker.

After doing a bit of research on Steepster, it looks like cold brewing is the way to go with this tea to get the cake like flavors to really pop. Tonight before I go to bed I am going to have to try this.  It also looks like if you steep this longer, the cake flavors come out more.

Regardless, this tea is outstanding if you enjoy raspberry teas.  And if those cake flavors do pop with cold brewing or maybe shaking up the bag more- then that is just an added bonus!

New House Blend Black Tea from Bluebird Tea Co.

new_house_blendTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Bluebird Tea Co.

Tea Description:

Perfect for those who like a stronger Earl Grey, our New House Blend is a full bodied blend of whole leaf Earl Grey and Assam. Enjoyed for years at founder, Mike’s, family home, The New House, where his family created this blend when he was just a boy!

Learn more about this blend here.

Taster’s Review:

When I am given a new-to-me Earl Grey tea to try, I’m as excited as a kid in a candy store.  Earl Grey is my favorite “flavor” of tea – so long as it’s done right.  I have had several poor excuses for Earl Grey in the past.  Fortunately, today, I’m having a really awesome Earl Grey.

Because today, I’m drinking this New House Blend from Bluebird Tea Co.!

When I first opened the pouch, I had forgotten that this is actually an Earl Grey (it says “New House Blend” on the package, and I didn’t read the small print that says:

A stronger Earl Grey blend with whole leaf Assam

Nor did I read the ingredients that list:

Ceylon black tea, Assam black tea, Kenyan black tea, Bergamot flavour

I didn’t have my glasses on, so all that I could easily read was the “New House Blend” part and I knew that it was a black tea, and since I needed my caffeine fix (my first cup of the day!) I grabbed it and tore open the package.

Then I smelled it.  BERGAMOT!  Yes!  It’s Earl Grey!

And the bergamot here is strong and beautifully aromatic.  I think that my taste buds jumped up off my tongue and started doing the happy dance after I smelled the dry leaf.

So, I impatiently waited by the tea maker as this tea brewed like a love-sick heroine from a romance novel who was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her lover who has been away for far too long.  Yes, I admit it, I have been having an affair with Earl Grey.  My husband knows about it.  He doesn’t necessarily approve, but, since it’s a tea that I’m in love with, he accepts it.

Finally!  The tea maker beeped to let me know that the brewing cycle was complete.  I poured myself a cup and inhaled the fragrance deeply.  The bergamot has softened somewhat during the brewing process, now I also smell the richness of the black tea blend along with the lovely notes of the Italian citrus.

Oh!  This tastes SO GOOD.  This blend has been skillfully crafted.  As much as I love bergamot, the real star of this cup is the black tea base.  The combination of not just Ceylon and Assam but the Kenyan black tea as well has created a solid, well-rounded black tea flavor that is rich and smooth.  No bitterness and very, very little astringency.  It’s a good, robust black tea with some gusto to it – this would be a good first cuppa!  (Which it happens to be for me today.)  It will give you that nudge you need to start the day.

But, of course, no “Earl Grey” tea would be a proper Earl Grey without the bergamot.  The bergamot fruit here is done quite well.  It’s strong but not so strong that it ends up tasting like Uncle Albert’s after shave.  I like the strength of the bergamot, but I think it could be just a tad stronger without that after shave taste.  If I had to offer any complaint about this tea at all, that would be it – I’d like just a touch more bergamot.

But don’t take that criticism as me saying that I’m not happy with this cup because this tastes amazing!  The bergamot adds a tangy note with just enough sweetness, it’s bright and acidic, but not so acidic that I feel the insides of my cheeks puckering from it.   There are a few floral notes to the fruit, but this bergamot is more fruit than flower – which is the way it should be!

An excellent Earl Grey, and a tea that is definitely worthy of an esteemed title of “New House Blend.”  Well done, Bluebird Tea Co.!