Organic Breakfast from TEABOX

BreakfasTea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: TEABOX

Tea Description:

A harmonious blend, this is the kind of tea you turn to when you need a hearty cup before the start of a day.
Beaming with smooth, sweet flavors of dates and honey, and refreshing bite of coriander, every sip satiates you a little more than the next. It has just the right amount of astringency to toggle the smoothness of the tea without distorting the balance, rendering, thus, a gratifying experience.

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Taster’s Review:

If you are looking for one of those eye opening brisk teas to drink in the morning, look no further! This tea is exactly what you are looking for!

Organic Breakfast is a really nice solid breakfast/anytime tea that gets your blood pumping. The caffeine is pretty high in this delight but wow is it ever tasty!

I brewed this tea up per the instructions on the pouch and was excited to try it out. The malty almost bread like notes were making me eager to try the first sip!

I was greeted with sweet bread like notes of honey. Almost a malted bread honey if that makes any sense. This is one of those teas that gives you that whole mouth feel. Really good and was hitting the spot this morning. Definitely perked me up!

Word to the wise tho, this tea becomes incredibly astringent when it cools. To the point where I had trouble drinking it. If I hadn’t been at work, this tea wouldn’t have even had a chance to cool. I would have gobbled it up right away!


Himalayan Golden Black tea from Nepali Tea Traders

Himalayan_GoldenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Nepali Tea Traders

Tea Description:

After a short summer season in Nepal, the Himalayan monsoon approaches the foothills with a magnanimous rush. The golden red soil of Sandakphu drinks in this moisture, producing a rare artisan tea that reflects all of nature’s goodness. After plucking, the leaves are 25 percent withered, then rolled in mechanical rollers. The tea is then placed in a shaping machine and further dried, producing uniformly curled leaves. The liquor is a distinctive rich golden color, with a cup that is mild yet flavorful, with a lovely balance of stone fruit and honey.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

On my Epic Sipdown, I came across a sample of this tea from Nepali Tea Traders.  I was quite excited to see if the description matched the flavor of this tea.

I brewed this up in my new Sei Sei Tumbler.  I was really craving those rich stone fruit notes that were described.  Brewed this up like a black tea and wow. This tea has it all.  Rich smooth notes of honey with an almost bread like background and apricot (?) flavors.  So well done.

What I really love about this tea is how smooth it is.  There is almost a silk texture to this tea while you drink it.  This tea is one of those that feels like it needs to be saved for special occasions. But this one is completely affordable for an extra day sort of tea.  I want to try this one as a cold brew for those hot summer days when you need a tea like this.  There is a refreshing quality to it that I’m really enjoying.

The description of this tea was spot on and this is another fantastic tea that has been hiding in my cupboard.  I’m so glad I pulled this one out today.  Loving this fruit malty tea to finish out my day with.