Chocolate Chip Pancakes from Bumble Tea. . . .

My doctor told me to drastically decrease my caffeine intake, which means less tea. I got until 3:30 pm (right now) before making myself my one daily cup. I’d been hoping to cold turkey it and try talking about decaf teas for a while, but I crashed.

Today’s feature: Chocolate Chip Pancakes! YUM!

When you open this up, the chocolate powder puffs out. The majority of the mix is solid (tea parts, etc), but the powder is exciting. It smells REALLY amazing.

This is a malty, dark chocolate flavor. Like the pancakes have been a little bit crisped. The shimmering perky chocolate is a great contrast to the deep assam. Neither overpowers the other. It’s yin. It’s yang. It’s… CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES, GUYS. And oh god, thank goodness, it has caffeine.

I think if you put a splash of milk in this, it’d be GOLD, but we ran out of milk in the office, and it’s my turn to buy it. It’s not a finance issue; it’s a “can’t be bothered to go to a STORE” issue.

I probably can’t be bothered because I have literally no energy in my veins. Caffeine, I miss you.

All of my reviews from here on out will have a certain joy in them because they’re the only times in my day when I am allowed to have my previous zip-juice.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:   Bumble Tea

Wake up with a decadent blend of black assam tea leaves, with carob & real dark chocolate. Best enjoyed with cream & sugar!


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

A Rainy Day and a Cuppa – Storm’s a Brewin’ – Bumble Teas

Here on the coast of Mississippi, Hurricane Cindy is rolling through, bringing a lot of rain and thunderstorms my way. And I love it! I have always thought that I should be in a rainy state like Washington or even in the country across the pond called England. And what is better to do in this weather than to grab a book and a cup of tea? So I thought that this would be a great opportunity to try out a tea that is all about those perfect rainy days.

Now on the first sip, this tea settles on my palate like a normal green tea would but paired with creamy matcha-like taste, and this is without any kind of cream mind you. So as I was enjoying this beverage I decided to look up why this tea would produce such an interesting/delicious flavor. On Bumble Teas’ Etsy shop the ingredients are as follows: ginkgo leaf, gynostemma, bilberry with one of my favorite ingredients as the last touch; cornflowers.

Now the first two ingredients are foreign to me, ginkgo leaf and gynostemma. According to Mountain Rose Herbs’ website, ginkgo leaf is one of the oldest species of plant on planet Earth, 225 million years old. And Bumble Teas description does say that it is ancient but I wasn’t thinking that it would be in the million range. And this venerable plant is said to help promote healthy blood circulation. That claim along with leaf having a naturally sweet taste to it could help you warm your bones during frightful weather.

And when you pair that with gynostemma (or Jiaogulan), which is supposed to offer immune system benefits, you got a good cup of tea that warms you and may be able to keep away a cold. Now this tea sounds like it should be a pretty penny since of the ancient herb that it contains but this tea is actually pretty cost effective. It is $7 for 1 oz, $13 for 2 oz, and $24 for 4 oz.

All in all, this tea is light but flavorful and perfect for those rainy days. To me, this tea is just as soothing as the sound of the rain streaming down my window pane and the thunder that booms along with it in perfect symphony. And yes, before you ask, I will be purchasing this blend for my ever growing collection.

See you for the next cuppa!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal
Where to Buy: Bumble Tea

Storm’s a brewin’, can you feel it in your bones?
Ancient, healing ginkgo leaf steeps alongside naturally-sweet gynostemma and bilberry, and cornflowers let you ditch the caffeine without losing those wonderful, antioxidant flavonoids that tea leaves normally supply.

Naturally caffeine-free.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!