An Elevated Herbal from High Garden Tea

This is another one I picked up on my trip to the motherland (aka High Garden Tea in Nashville) recently. From the few I’ve tried thus far, I’ve been super impressed by High Garden’s blends, particularly their herbals.

This one, a blend of chamomile, rose petals, hibiscus, schisandra berries, orange peel and lemongrass, is a spot-on match between flavors and the name. It evokes that warm, mulled tea goodness that I’d associate with a cozy apple blend in the autumn (with surprisingly no apple to speak of in the mix), but a bit more sophisticated.

There’s something… elevated about this mix. Like apple pie with a top hat. Or strolling through orchards in a fur coat.

It resteeps beautifully, and goes down just as well hot as it does iced. Now let’s go bobbing for apples covered in diamonds and really long, fancy gloves.

Elevated, you guys. I’m telling you.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:   Herbal
Where to Buy: High Garden Tea

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