White Thunder from The Love Tea Company. . . . .

What a bold and dramatic name for a white tea: White Thunder.  So many white teas get paired with desserts, like ice cream flavors or berries, so I was intrigued to try out this flavor just from the brash name alone.  Besides, it doesn’t hurt that this tea is from Love Tea, one of our ChariTea companies.  Learn more here.

The White Thunder blend features white tea, peony, spearmint, and peppermint.  I brewed it both hot and iced, and preferred the flavors chilled.  There’s something about drinking an iced mint tea, like Moroccan Mint, that just feels best suited over ice on a hot day.

Back to White Thunder, for a tea without any fruit ingredients, there is a delectable peachy flavor mingling with all the mint.  This is a well-balance blend, despite mint making up half of the ingredients list.  The white tea and peony really get a chance to shine and be tasted, and bring forward that bright stone-fruit taste.  The white tea adds a sweet, mild, earthiness, and the peony compliments those tones with floral, blossoming notes of its own.

The spearmint and peppermint add a touch of frost to even out all the flowers and fruit.  The balance of sweet and crisp feel like sitting on fresh green grass that has been cooled by the shade.  White Thunder might be my new favorite summer iced blend, bringing just the right balance of cool mint and breezy florals.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: White
Where to Buy: The Love Tea Company

Bai Mudan, also known as White Peony is a type of white tea made from pluckings of one leaf shoot and two immediate young leaves. Bai Mudan is sometimes preferred by white tea drinkers for its fuller flavor and greater potency than other major types of white tea. For an extra kick, peppermint and spearmint are added to this blend.  Boom, crack, that’s the sound of your taste buds loving this blend.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

A Few ChariTeas To Check Out. . . . . . .

Over the years, we’ve started to notice a trend of tea companies who are giving back.  We are currently working on creating a page on the site to give these tea companies their kudos, but we couldn’t wait to share the info.


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You can play a vital role in bringing hope to children displaced by ISIS when purchasing this tea. Proceeds will go to support the building and operation of a school for Yazidi children in a northern Iraq refugee camp. Without education in this critical time of their lives they might likely end up being a part of the very group that caused them to flee from their homes in the first place. Together we can make a difference!

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CuppaGeek’s Thoughts:  Storehouse Tea provides quite a variety of hand blended fresh high quality teas to choose from.  They have been a favorite of The SororiTea Sisters for sometime.

Each month, Tease Tea sponsors a women’s charity and helps raise awareness through support and funding.

To learn more about the charities Tease Tea supports,  click on the link below.

Tease Tea Chari’tea Spotlight Page

CuppaGeek’s Thoughts:    Tease Tea is a newer tea company to me, but I hope soon I’ll be able to check their teas out and add a few teas to my personal stash.

Chai Kai Tea Co has partnered with Make Lunch a charity working on tackling child poverty in the UK.  To learn more click here.  

CuppaGeek’s Thoughts:  I recently reviewed Chai Kai Tea Co’s Jasmine Green Tea and the tea yielded such a wonderful soul soothing flavor.  Their hand blended teas are top notch and a few of them are now on my personal wish list.

Wise Ape Tea was founded with a purpose and a mission.  

Click here to find out more about who they are, how Wise Ape Tea was created  and what they support.


CuppaGeek’s Thoughts:  This is one tea company that I’m quite obsessed with lately.  A full review will published soon on their Performance Tea.

The Love Tea Company was created with the thought of purposeful purchasing-meaning Love Tea Company was created to help bring awareness to mental health issues.  To learn more about what The Love Tea Company is doing and will be doing, click here.

CuppaGeek’s Thoughts:   The Love Tea Company offers a unique way for tea drinkers to spread the love with others.  Their #TeaItForward program helped me share the tea love with several of my SororiTea Sisters, friends, and family members.  They all enjoyed the lovely care package and I highly encourage others to check out this service.

These are just a few of the many tea companies who are giving back.   If you would like to be mentioned on our ChariTeas page, drop us a note at sororiteasistersblog@gmail.com and we will make sure to add you to the list!