Pomegranate from CHASH The Fine Tea Co. . . . .

“If ‘Tea Makes Everything Better’ shouldn’t we ​be drinking better tea?” This is what CHASH is all about. This tagline is found on their packaging and prominently displayed when you go to their site. When I first saw this quote on my tea sample packet, all I could think is “I don’t know if their tea is better yet, but I will say their packaging is a step above the rest”. Without even trying the tea and with one mere tea sample in my hand, I was impressed with the high quality material, the beautiful green color of the package, and the lovely golden teacup with a small cutout so you can see the tea. Call me shallow but I was immediately intrigued. I guess I figured if they put that much effort into displaying the tea, they were bound to care about the tea quality itself, right?

I was even more excited when I realized (thanks to the little teacup window), that this tea, Pomegranate, was on a base of bamboo leaves. I have not had many bamboo teas, but the ones I have had, I have always enjoyed. This gave me a chance to revisit this uncommon ingredient, presented in a new way. This time bamboo leaves were combined with pomegranate bits, pomegranate blossom, papaya bits, rose blossom and redcurrants, to make this tea.

Since there was no steeping instructions other than 95C, I steeped this for 4 minutes, which may have been on the lighter side as it brewed up a very light color. Nevertheless, this tea has a definite fruity flavor to it, even if it is on the lighter side. Think the sweetness of pomegranate without all the work of having to break all the seeds out of the fruit – that is what starts your sip. The pomegranate then morphs into a red currant flavor, a little less sweet, and a little more intense. There is also a sugary sweetness here that lingers around the top of each taste which could be from the mild sweet flavor of the bamboo leaf or from the various fruit pieces.

All in all, this tea captures the fruity pomegranate flavor nicely, while adding some depth to the drink overall with the addition of other components. Like I said, it is on the lighter side so if you are looking for a flavor punch, you won’t find it here.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Tisane
Where to Buy:  Chash Tea

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