Chai Latte Milk Chocolate Bar from Chocolats Favoris. . . .

Just outside of Toronto is a chocolate shop called Chocolats Favoris. With a name like that, you know it has French origins and that’s because it actually comes from Quebec. They are a chocolate shop through and through and though they offer everything from chocolate bars to truffles to fondue cans, they are actually known for their chocolate dipped ice cream cones, which are ah. may. zing! So, having indulged in their chocolate dipped ice cream cones a few times and loving them, I knew I wanted some of their awesome chocolate to take home. I picked out a few and this Chai Latte bar certainly caught my eye.

This is a milk chocolate bar made with black tea, spices, and natural flavor. They do not specify which spices exactly in the ingredients list but some flavors clearly shine through the creamy milk chocolate base. Cinnamon blends with the chocolate beautifully to give more flavor without creating competition. The ginger, on the other hand, stands out in each bite. Cardamom coats the tongue slowly but surely the more you eat which makes for a fuller chai flavor while clove pops up every now and again. All the while, the black tea provides a nice texture variant by giving a bit of crunch to the otherwise smooth bar.

This is one flavorful chocolate bar. Like everything else offered at Chocolats Favoris, the chocolate is sweet but delicious. The spices create a welcome contrast to the base and as a whole, this treat is certainly reminiscent of its namesake. If you’re looking for a tea treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further than this Chai Latte milk chocolate bar.

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