Himalayan Golden Tips/Rakkasan Tea Co.

This black tea comes from tea farms in Nepal. The region they harvest is similar and close to Darjeeling but production is much lower than the famous Darjeeling due to previous wars and the fact that their tea industry is undeveloped. These days production comes from six districts: Ilam, Dhankuta, Kaski, Terhathum, Sindhulpalchok, and Panchthar. Golden Tips from Rakkasan come from the IIam district from small farms. While not true for all farms, this tea is hand-plucked resulting in the big tea leaves you see below. The color is due to the the oxidation after 10-14 hours of wilting.
As far as taste goes it is somewhat reminiscent of a Darjeeling. It sweet and yet refreshing on the palate. There are also subtle woodsy notes of mahogany. This tea does not need milk or sugar and I would highly recommend not adding either. Even though it is specified as a black tea, like Darjeeling, it has very unique and subtle properties that are hard to detect if things are added to the tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Rakkasan Tea Company

Our Himalayan Golden Tips are hand-plucked and almost entirely made up of whole leaf buds. To make the fresh and stiff tea leaves flexible for shaping, the leaves are wilted between 10-14 hours depending upon climactic conditions. After gentle shaping, the leaves are fully oxidized, which turns the leaf buds a golden brown. This tea has creamy and cocoa notes that linger long on the palate—especially without milk or sugar.

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Black Cherries in Sweet Cream from A Quarter To Tea. . . .

This Darjeeling, cherry, and cream tea is profoundly decadent. This blend tastes like a dessert that’s melty and gooey. The cream is so creamy that I feel like a farm where it came straight off the cow. Like, a fancy French cow.

A Quarter To Tea has a good grasp on cherries. I never liked cherries until their Chocolate Cherry Oolong showed up in one of my sample packs. It was a game-changer. So much so that my hopes were high for this one — and it succeeded.

When I went to this tea’s site, I discovered that this tea was inspired by Game of Thrones:

“Illyrio smiled as his serving men spooned out bowls of black cherries in sweet cream for them both.” (Dance with Dragons)

In case you forgot Illyrio (I did), he was the one that took care of the Targaryens while they were in hiding. If this is what he was serving people, well, I might hide out there, too. Does he have any space available?

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:   Black
Where to Buy:  A Quarter To Tea

“Illyrio smiled as his serving men spooned out bowls of black cherries in sweet cream for them both.” (Dance with Dragons)

Luscious black cherries with a medium body darjeeling base, paired with heavy notes of cream and vanilla. Decadent enough to make a magister proud.

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Darjeeling Castleton Second Flush 2017 from Grey’s Teas. . . . .

Recently I enjoyed a smoky black tea from Grey’s Tea that was a delight but not necessarily my first choice in teas.  But this second selection from Grey’s Teas definitely is.

Darjeeling Castleton Second Flush is an amazing smooth rich black tea that gives you all the tea feels from the very beginning.  From the moment when you open the tea to get ready to steep, you now you have an instant best friend.

Brewed with freshly boiled water and allowed to steep for four minutes, you will have yourself an amazing perfect cuppa tea! Rich smooth waves of delicious rich slightly astringent tea encases each and every sip with the most gorgeously silky finish.

Simple yet so full of flavors that all combine so well.  I’ve found that this tea is one of the more satisfying teas that I have had in a while and I can’t help but sit back and really immerse myself in the cuppa as I sip away.

This tea is a true gem and one that I have greedily sipped down in a few different sessions.  Extremely appreciated to have been able to enjoy this delight and excited to hear what my other Sisters have to say about this tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Grey’s Tea

Darjeeling Castleton Second Flush 2017 is from the Castleton garden established on the foothills between Darjeeling and Siliguri by Dr Charles Graham in 1885. In 1996 it became the first Indian tea garden to be awarded the ISO 9002 certificate of quality. This renown new season Darjeeling Castleton Second flush has a dark umber leaf. It is smooth, rich and has a distinct muscatel character with a long finish. Infuse one teaspoon per cup plus one for the pot with freshly drawn, boiling water for four minutes. Drink without milk. A most rewarding experience!

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Oaks SFTGFOP 1 CL SPL 2nd Flush 2016 Darjeeling Organic from Lochan Tea Limited

I steeped this tea for about 3 min at 212 with almost 2tsp and 1 cup water. I couldn’t find the product on the company’s website, so I just guesstimated the steeping specs. Which is always fun. I prefer to use the recommended specs if possible, in order to give the tea a chance to put its best foot forward (as it were), but I’m also fine with just doing whatever seems to work if there aren’t any recommendations.

The water started turning amber pretty quickly after I put the leaves in to steep. I used a generous amount of leaf due to not knowing the specs; probably a heaping teaspoon would have been sufficient, but of course that’s all up to personal preference. The leaves seemed to be chopped pretty small, but they’re not crushed into dust or anything. The fragrance was a bit malty and flowery while steeping, but also a bit astringent.

After steeping, the tea was a warm golden-brown color, transparent enough to see a stray leaf at the bottom of the cup. It smelled very inviting. Once I tasted it, though, I decided I’d steeped it a bit strong. The astringency was prominent, although fortunately the tea wasn’t bitter at all (despite using boiling water). The flavor wasn’t as malty as I expected, but there were still floral notes especially at the end of the sip. It’s a solid black tea, especially astringent but also somewhat sweet.

With sugar, the astringency is wonderfully mellowed and the floral notes emerge a bit more–I’d definitely recommend this. With milk added, I love it even more. (But what did you expect? I always do.) I’d consider this a great breakfast tea, and steeping it strongly is a good plan if you’re going to add sugar and milk, otherwise I’d recommend steeping it not quite so long (maybe 2 minutes?).

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black/Darjeeling
Where to Buy:  Lochan Tea Limited

This tea is no longer on the website but click below for teas that are.

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Glenburn Estate Darjeeling from Yatra Tea Company. . . .

Being one that normally grabs for flavored teas, I sometimes forget about the amazing flavors straight teas can yield.  Thankfully, Glenburn Estate from Yatra Tea Company reminded me of this fact.


Glenburn Estate (Darjeeling_ is one of the smoothest straight green teas I’ve ever had.  Full of gorgeous vibes, this tea is one that I highly recommend.

Brewed up to the parameters recommended on the package, this tea yields one of the most alluring flavors I’ve experienced.  The first infusion was full of sweet citrus silky smooth tones with a subtle vegetal hint with a buttery sense and feel through each sip.

This tea literally sings and I mean SINGS to your soul and gives you that-You must relax NOW feel.   I literally told my husband, this tea is sexy.  Not a term I use a whole lot for tea.  He took a sip and completely agreed with me.  With how rich these buttery notes are, how could he not agree with me.

I spent the evening with this tea and was insanely satisfied with cup after cup, tea pot after tea pot.  For the price and what you receive, this tea is luxury on a budget.  And I don’t mean that in a negative way.  I was actually surprised with how reasonably priced this tea was for the amazing flavors this green tea yielded.

This morning this tea was already calling me.  Brew me up and start your day off right.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  Yatra Tea Company

High in the Himalayas, overlooking the intimidating Kanchenjunga mountain range, lie the rolling tea fields of the heavenly Glenburn Estate. Founded in 1859 by a Scottish tea company, Glenburn is one of the oldest Darjeeling estates and many of the laborious routines appear to be unchanged till date on this 750 hectare estate.

In addition to traditional Darjeeling black teas, Glenburn produces a superior green tea at specific times of the year. Yatra Tea Company proudly presents an April 2017 offering harvested exclusively for us.

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