Sangria Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Sangria-MatchaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green/Matcha

Where to Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

Sangria Matcha is the perfect answer for those adults looking for a fruity platter treat that has a dash of exotic Matcha and tastes of refreshing spices. This delectable treat is a perfect after hours drink that brings its well rounded charm into the palate. It can be taken with a fine assortment of many snacks and meals to add to their overall flavor and also make things more exciting. This fine treat is great for adults who love the tangy tasty combination of many fruits on their palates.

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Taster’s Review:

I’m adding Sangria matcha to the many flavours under my belt because I thought it would make for a really great summer flavour to have stock up; and obviously it’s not a flavour that screams “try me in milk” like how I normally prepare my matcha so I made it as a Matcha Soda instead.

This is the ‘recipe’ I used:

– 1 tsp of matcha whisked into approx. 2 ounce of hot water

– Dissolve approx. 1 tbsp. of sugar into the concentrated matcha to create a ‘matcha syrup’

– Cool down the syrup, and add a can of Club Soda

Just being perfectly honest, as soon as I took my first sip I knew that I didn’t like this flavour of matcha. There was a lot that I personally felt was wrong/off about it – for one the fruit flavours are incredibly muddled on top of tasting really artificial. I know Sangria is a combination of different fruits but I couldn’t pinpoint any of the individual fruits that traditionally make up Sangria. In addition, the vegetal/grassy notes of the matcha were far too pronounced for my liking (despite this being Distinctive flavour level) and took on a ‘swampy’ kind of flavour when compared with the weird/chemical tasting fruit notes.

I’m definitely disappointed by this flavour; it’s nothing like I’d hoped it would be and if you’re looking for an accurate Sangria flavour I think you’re best off looking elsewhere. The worst part is that I’m almost certain that Robust flavouring would taste even more chemical/artificial since that’s the way fruit flavoured matcha tends to go but, while delicate level flavouring might reduce the fake fruit flavour, I think it’d make the Sangria flavour even less distinct than it already is.

Using the rest of this will certainly be a challenge for me.

Coconut Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

When the succulent full bodied taste of the fleshy coconut is combined with the more subdued taste of velvety Matcha, the subsequent Coconut Matcha treat is a true pleasure for the palate. A delectable snack for anytime of the day or night, Coconut Matcha lends it recognizable flavour and sumptuous taste to any setting. This is a treat for all seasons. Being versatile and mouth wateringly wonderful, Coconut Matcha can easily become a favorite among energetic youngsters as well as hard working adults. This is because, its refreshing taste brings to life any sagging spirit.

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Taster’s Review:

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been drinking a lot of flavored Matcha lately, and most of it has come from Red Leaf Tea.  That’s because they’ve got this awesome incentive program going on!  You start out by buying some Matcha, and then if you write the reviews on the product, you get gift certificates to get MORE Matcha!  Talk about feeding one’s habit – Red Leaf has got me hooked!

With such an amazing assortment of delicious flavors to choose from, the hard part is really choosing which flavor to try first!  This time around, every time my eyes would glance over the Matcha page, they would stop at the Coconut Matcha.  Something about this flavor just called out to me, I’m not sure exactly why.  I think I just couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing these two creamy, sweet components – Matcha and coconut – would taste together.

And they are incredible together!  But … it didn’t taste incredible with my first couple of sips.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, it was still very tasty, but I found myself thinking:  huh?   Why was I so excited over this?  But then as I continued to sip, I found that the flavors intensified and my palate could not get enough!  I began gulping it … and now my chawan is empty before I even have a chance to finish the review!  I guess it just took a while for my palate to become acclimated to what it was experiencing … the flavors needed to develop properly on my palate.  And now that my first serving of this is gone, I find myself smacking my lips and contemplating licking the bowl dry.

Next Day:  I made myself another bowl of Coconut Matcha.  The flavors work so well together.  It is sweet and creamy with notes of vegetation.  There is almost a cocoa-y note here too, which I think is from the Matcha as I’ve experienced a somewhat chocolate-y flavor from Matcha in the past.   I notice that the Matcha, which is often somewhat of a ‘bittersweet’ kind of taste for me usually is all sweet now, and I attribute that to the coconut flavor.  I think that the coconut has managed to make the Matcha taste even sweeter and smoother than it usually does – it is creamier and more decadent with the coconut flavor.

As I have with the other Red Leaf Teas, I ordered this with the basic Matcha base and a distinctive level of coconut flavoring.  I really like the “distinctive” level, as I think it manages to bring the two flavors on even footing – neither overwhelms the other.  I taste the Matcha, and I taste the coconut.  And I’m giddy with joy!