Catherine’s Blend Specialty Black from Tea For All Reasons

CatherineTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Tea For All Reasons

Tea Description:

Strawberry Rose – A lovely blend of strawberry Black tea decorated with Rose petals and Cornflower blossoms that resemble the bride’s blue sapphire engagement ring!

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Taster’s Review:

Catherine’s Blend Specialty Black from Tea For All Reasons!  YUP!  This Catherine’s Blend is a Specialty Black from Tea For All Reasons and there are only 2 left in stock over at Tea For All Reasons!  According to the website it’s one of the 50 percent off teas TODAY!  I would NOT be shocked if they sold out of this TODAY!  If you want it – get it before it’s GONE!

The aroma of this tea is worth it alone!  With the medium strength black tea base paired with strawberry and rose you can’t go wrong!  And thrown in for a little extra color are some beautiful cornflower blossoms!  I believe this was part of the Downton Abbey SpecialTEAs that was offered thru Tea For All Reasons.

The flavor of Catherine’s Blend Specialty Black from Tea For All Reasons is comforting.  It’s sweet and slightly floral and is very silky on the tongue.  It’s thirst-quenching yet makes you crave more of the delicious flavor.  Just like in a classy bar there is a ‘top shelf’ for the best tasting liquor…I save Catherine’s Blend Specialty Black from Tea For All Reasons for my personal ‘top shelf’ of teas to only be shared with the closest of friends.

Branson’s Private Blend from Tea For All Reasons

BransonsTea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Tea For All Reasons

Product Descriptions:

This custom blend is another addition to our Downton Abbey Collection. Branson’s loyalty to Ireland extends to his love of a good, strong cuppa tea. We’ve given it unique character, just like his rebellious streak. In this case, his private blend is an Irish Cream tea with a hint of chocolate and whiskey taste (though, no worries, there is no alcohol content in this tea).

Tasters Review:


I’ve been wanting to start watching Downton Abbey for a while and still haven’t.  All I know is – this specialty blend smells AWESOME!!!!  Creamy Chocolate Whiskey?  YES PLEASE!


I’m so grateful to be sipping on this! I’m so excited to have received a package in the mail from Tea For All Reasons!  I’ve always admired their blending ability and lovely themes and names for teas!  They truly live up to their name – TEA FOR ALL REASONS!

The post-infusion color of this tea is a bit lighter in color than I thought it would be.  It’s a orange-ish brown about medium in color.  The black tea base is a gentle medium flavor, too.  It doesn’t taste like cream, persay, but it has a creamy texture.  If you have ever had those chocolate covered whiskey shots (candies) before that is what this tastes like.  It’s pretty awesome, I must say!  Very yummy!

This is a MUST TRY Tea!