Headache Begone! A Tea Mistress Herbal Blend. . . .

I love herbal blends and drink them all day longer regardless of what time it is.  Chamomile has never had that sleepy affect on me and I’ve yet to find an evening blend that relaxes me because of what is in the cuppa, not just the act of drinking tea.  (Drinking tea is therapeutic to me overall.)

Enter Headache Begone! A Tea Mistress Herbal Blend.  Brewed with water at boiling and allowed to steep for about 7 minutes, this tea may not have cleared up the headache I had, but did something else. This tea literally relaxed me from head to toe.  One serving of this tea had me droopy eyed and ready to call it a night.   I couldn’t believe it.  One serving of this tea had me droopy eyed and ready to call it a night.  I couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t sure if it was the combo of chamomile, passionflower, and peppermint, but this tea was my hero for helping me get a solid night’s sleep.

Besides the affect the tea had on me, the herbal blend had a great taste as well.  Minty, citrusy, with a herbaceous tone.  Really easy to sip for an herbal blend.  Sometimes the herb blends just go to far for me and the taste isn’t smooth.  This blend was just about as perfect as you can get with an herbal blend that as a wellness factor to it.  I actually ended up placing an order for more of this blend.

I have a pretty stressful job, am a mom, and am the admin for SororiTea Sisters along with having my own tea business.  To say I’m a busy cat is an understatement.  At night it seems like my mind turns forever in trying to think if I have everything I need done or set for the next day.  With this tea, I’ve been able to enjoy a more restful sleep and even more relaxing evening.  I used to grab for a cup of wine and still will but it sure is nice to have an herbal blend ready for those nights where I might need a bit more comforting.   Can’t confirm whether or not the tea helps with headaches, but this tea sure relaxes me!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal
Where to Buy:  The Tea Mistress

Organic ingredients:  feverfew, chamomile, passionflower, meadowsweet, peppermint, lemon balm, white willow bark, linden, corriander

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Feverfew Lemongrass Herbal Tea from Buddha’s Teas

FeverfewLemongrassTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Buddha’s Teas

Tea Description:

Feverfew & lemongrass tea brings together two well-known herbs to provide a brew of complementary flavors that is delightfully citrusy and refreshing.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Buddha’s teas has the most extensive collection of single-herb tisane that I have seen on the internet. I use a lot of those herbs for my own personal functional herbal blends, and it’s nice to see such a wide selection and knowledge base out there. This tea was provided to me for review.

Before I begin, I must give a little bit of a disclaimer. I have been dealing with migraines for quite some time. I almost always have a headache and the stupidest things can trigger intense brain pain at any moment, causing me to be mentally and physically crippled for hours on end. Even scrolling on my phone too fast will set it off. My type of headache is typically tension related.

That being said, I have a few tips and tricks that I do to help me ride the wave. I have read recently that feverfew is really effective in easing migraines. I was super stoked to be able to try this tea out from Buddha Teas.

The packaging is pretty slick, the feel of the box is much nicer than the usual store bought cardboard. Although I didn’t think it was necessary for the little glue strip keeping the lid on, I thought the package was fine without it. (actually, I thought it was some kind of booger at first! Lol)

The teabags are wrapped in the same color black velvety-textured material. The teabag is your average paper teabag, although I liked that this was made from eco-friendly items. There is also a cute little quote on each of the teabag labels.

Now on to the steeping! I used boiling water and tested steeping at 4 minutes and at 8 minutes. I believe the 8 minute mark is best for this type of tea because it allowed the subtle flavors to become more prominent.

The flavor of this tea is very fresh and herbaceous. The lemony tang of the lemongrass shines through as the main flavor. If the lemongrass wasn’t there, I may be able to tell what feverfew tastes like. I’m glad it is not an unpleasant addition. Rather, it is the most crucial.

I took this at the first sign of an oncoming migraine. I forgot to take any kind of painkiller, like I usually do. I put a heat wrap on my neck and sipped on this tea instead. I noticed that the coupling of these two factors help keep my migraine at bay. It felt pretty effective and it worked pretty quickly. I think almost any trace of my headache was gone in about 20 minutes. Which is a life saver for me!

Thanks Buddha Teas for letting me review your selection!

Camomille Matricaria from Les 2 Marmottes

Les2MarmottsTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Tisane

Where to Buy:  Les 2 Marmottes

Tisane Description:

Feverfew chamomile is a small and simple plant without chi chis.  With its flower fragrance, it offers a fresh and comforting tea, breathing the fresh air.  A very light yellow color, almost transparent and a light, honeyed flavor: chamomile, it is nature in all simplicity, that where lies happiness.  

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I was a little apprehensive about this chamomile because when I opened the packet, I could see that the blossoms have been crushed and it looked a little more like chamomile dust rather than chamomile flowers.  It looked a lot like what you’d find if you opened a grocery store offering of bagged chamomile tisane.

And that’s the stuff I’m not crazy about.  I’ve come to a point where I enjoy whole blossom chamomile, but the dust in most tea bags that you can buy in the grocery store?  No thank you.

But I decided to go into this experience with an open mind.  I mean, who knows?  Maybe I’ll like it.  I won’t know though, until I try it.  (That’s what I keep telling my daughter when it comes to trying new foods, anyway.)

I steeped the tea bag in 6 ounces of water that had been heated to 195°F for eight minutes.  Normally, I’d go ahead and steep it for 10 minutes, but because this had been crushed to a powder, I decided to go with just 8 minutes.

I’m glad I did.  The flavor is strong and I don’t know that I’d like it much if the flavor were any stronger.  As it is, this is alright.  It has a light, apple-y flavor and sweet nectar-y, honey-like flavor.  It’s soothing.  It’s pleasant.

Let’s face it, chamomile will never be my favorite.  It just won’t.  But I like it better than I used to.  This at least tastes fresher than what I’d get from the supermarket.  (Who knows how long that stuff has been sitting on the shelves!)  And as far as chamomile goes, this isn’t too bad.  It’s relaxing me and that’s what I needed it to do because I have to get up early in the morning and as it is, it’s pretty late.  I needed something that was going to help me unwind and catch those zzz’s so that I can be bright-eyed tomorrow.

Not a bad cup and effective at relaxation.