Persian Rose from Tay Tea. . . .

Is this tea? Or flowers? Because by the looks of it, I just steeped up a bunch or lovely pink rose petals with maybe a bit of tea. Even when the tea was done steeping and all the color had been drained from the flowers, the bits of tea leaf was few and far between.

So, a tea that is mostly flowers…well that isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on how you feel about floral teas. Some people love them, others not so much. Full disclosure…I am on the “not so much” side of this debate. However, as far as florals go, I think rose is the one I mind the least in my tea.

Despite the lack of leaf here, there is still enough black tea to provide the rose with a solid, slightly malty, bergamot-flavored base. I didn’t realize this was an earl grey tea but I honestly don’t mind. It simultaneously grounds and blends with the lighter, floral notes of the rose that obviously prevail here.

There is also green cardamom in the ingredients list, though personally I do not taste it at all. Unless it is part of what gives this more depth and weightiness, along with the base tea.

Nonetheless, there is no bitterness here and despite the seemingly simple ingredients in my filter, this tea is definitely not monotonous in flavor. That would lead me to believe we are dealing with a high quality blend that would be perfect for those who love earl greys, flavored earl greys, or rose-flavored teas.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Tay Tea

This is Nini’s signature tea, her first blend and personal favorite. An absolute must for anyone in love with black tea…and roses. A nostalgic blend of ceylon bergamot scented tea blended with rose petals, organic rose buds, green cardamom and borage. This “little black dress” classic transitions effortlessly from morning to afternoon.

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