Rose Garden Puerh by Tocha Tea. . . . .

Rose Garden Puerh by ToCha

This tea came in a convenient sachet with rich brown leaves and lost of rose petals. I steeped it in a Kamjove pot because I plan to resteep. Why waste good tea?

I am careful to watch a new puerh tea because I have seen a few that steep rapidly. This one was good to go in a little over a minute. I had a rose scented puerh once that was so light on the rose I couldn’t tell it was there, except perhaps for a faint sweetness lent by the flower.

Not so this one. The rose is right up front and tingles on my tongue. Rose can be floral, spicy, or peppery. This is more spicey rose. The puerh is a nice carrier for this. It does not have the strong barn/mushroom/earth flavor that you usually find, but comes off like a rather nice, accommodating black tea that could stand on its own if it wanted but isn’t going to steal the rose’s thunder.

Because the balance on this one is so nice, it will do nicely as a stand alone cup to enjoy or a companionable tea to have with cake or tea sandwiches.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Puerh
Where to Buy: Tocha Tea

For centuries, pu-erh tea has been treasured for its elegant flavor and health benefits. The unique natural fermentation process gives it an earthy, woodsy essence that is never bitter, even after a long steep. Rose petals add a graceful note to this delicious and versatile blend, a wonderful tea for everyday wellness.

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