Layla Teapot and Jasmine Flowering Tea from Primula

I was lucky to receive a Primula Layla Teapot and flowering tea set from a friend  The Primula teapot features all-glass construction, even the brewing basket is clear.  It has an impressive capacity, making it perfect for sharing a blooming tea session with a few friends.

The flowering tea set came with blooming tea balls, which make good use of the transparent, glass-bodied teapot.  I’m not sure which flavor of blooming tea was included, as it lacked a label, but I suspect it is their house blend jasmine bloom.

This is the first blooming tea I’ve actually conducted myself.  Previously I’ve always been viewing at someone else’s tea party.  Now that I have a teapot so suited for blooming teas, I’ll have to try this type of tea more often.

On an afternoon where I needed some zen, I brewed up a pot of hot water and dropped in the tea ball.  As the water soaked into the leaves, they slowly peeled back, like a hand opening its fingers. The process did take a few minutes and I found myself impatient at first.  As I relaxed, I found I was surprised how much the bloom was changing in each moment, until we finally reached the unfurling of the pink, center blossoms.

I poured a small cup of the tea to sip on while the bloom continued to relax its leaves.  The tea brewed up a golden color, clear and bright, making the blossom look sunlit from every angle.  The tea tasted mainly of jasmine, but had a surprisingly earthy undertone almost like the sweet-floral notes of cacao or dark chocolate.  I like jasmine pearls, but it was nice to have a deeper flavor balance to the light, flowery notes.

I sipped on the tea all afternoon and watched the leaves continue to soak until they were saturated with tea.  It was a lovely experience and the Primula flowering tea set would make a great gift. I can’t wait to brew more tea in this lovely teapot!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green tea/TeaPot
Where to Buy: Primula

Create an unforgettable and extraordinary tea experience with this crystal clear glass teapot and accompanying flowering tea blossoms. The Layla glass teapot and tea set offers a generous 36 oz capacity. Serve up to 9 cups of tea in this stunning clear glass tea set, which offers the perfect window from which to watch the included tea flowers begin to bloom in colorful profusion as they steep. After tea, cleanup is easy because this BPA free borosilicate glass teapot is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Each tea flower has been exceptionally crafted by artisans in China to create the hand-sewn green tea with all natural tea flowers. The green tea is blended five times with jasmine to emanate an ambrosial floral fragrance. Each package contains 12 different flowering teas along with an illustrated picture and health benefit guide. Choose a pot of Floral Passion, Noble Madam, Oriental Beauty or Camellia Joy. Or watch your cup erupt with Wild Flowers, Gilded Lotus, Lover’s Blossom or Juliet’s Kiss. Other popular flavors like London Fog, Butterfly Floret, Fairy Lily and Summer Bouquet complete your choices in the taste sensation. Try all twelve green tea blends and be amazed at how each bud delivers a delectable cup of tea and an optical sensation. Each tea blend is packed with healthy anti-oxidants and can be steeped three times giving you over 250 cups in each canister. These tea flowers make an excellent gift for special occasions and are something any tea lover would enjoy.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Sugar Melon Blooming Tea From Kiss Me Organics. . . .


Blooming Teas. . .not a tea that I can honestly say I’ve had a lot of. I’ve tried them in the past and I could never get them to bloom like the pictures shown.  But when our package of samples arrived from Kiss Me Organics, I was ready to try the blooming tea scenario again.

Kiss Me Organics offers a lovely flavored blooming tea assortment with flavors like cherry, strawberry, and sugar melon.  I couldn’t resist checking these teas out so I set to prepping my water.  Per the instructions, I used a glass tea pot so I could watch the blooming tea in action and used freshly boiled water.  I allowed the tea to steep for the recommended time.

First infusion I can’t say the tea fully bloomed but what I can say is that this tea delivered on a delicious fresh clean melon flavor with a solid buttery like finish. This tea was smooth and crisp.  Dare I even say dessert like.  I couldn’t put my cup down and was surprised by how fast I gulped (and I must emphasize the word GULP there) the tea down.

The second infusion was about the same.  The tea didn’t flower completely like I thought it would but the brew was insanely delicious.  My cup was emptied just as fast as the first go around.  Again, I was greeted with this delicious fresh clean smooth melon flavor. I’m not sure why I kept thinking  clean but the taste was still as crisp as the first infusion, which made me happy.  Like drinking a cup full of sunshine.

I ended up having several infusions of this wonderfully uplifting brew.  The flower did end up blooming and I think I ended up getting close to ten infusions from this one blooming tea.

If you are a fan of melon flavors, I recommend checking this tea out.  I’ve tried a few other blooming teas out of this assortment, and the Sugar Melon so far is my favorite. I was hoping you could get just a package of Sugar Melon Blooming Teas from Kiss Me Organics, but right now the only offer an assortment.

Regardless, this tea is one I’m now craving and will need to get more of.   And with spring right around the corner, this would be a fun tea to share  that has more of an airy light flavor instead of the heavier flavors of winter.  Plus the blooming part of this tea is just fun and unusual from the rest of the teas I typically drink.

Kiss Me Organics has put together an awesome  code for our readers to get 10% off and free shipping-SororiTeaBloom.   They even have a subscribe and save offer, which I think I’m personally going to take advantage of.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy:  Kiss Me Organics

Each bloom of Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea is made from organic Calendula flowers, green tea leaves, and natural fruit flavoring. Our blooms are hand-sewn to produce a delicious infusion and a beautiful flowering effect when brewed. Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea is flavored with natural fruit extract from cherry, peach, strawberry, black currant, raspberry, sugar melon and cactus melon. These 7 flavors are a great way to unwind at tea time, adding flavor and a gorgeous display to your table.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!