Ganymede Matcha Tea Blend by MoongleamTeaShoppe

Hello Tea Friends!

My head is spinning at the idea of a Matcha, cocoa, mint, and orange peel combination and it’s something I have no idea of what to expect. Frankly that is why I chose this blend to try, not only is it original but it’s also from a small Etsy store and I love to give smaller businesses a chance.

So lets have a look at the tea. what can I say?…It’s medium sized pieces of what I assume is cocoa and orange peel covered in a green Matcha dust with a few rough looking chopped leaves. It looks as adventurous as it sounds. Scent wise it smells chocolatey yet dry.

I think I will steep this at roughly 75C (on the milder side) and hope that the Matcha doesn’t become too astringent. But I still want to get the best out of the other ingredients so I don’t want to go too mild. Steeping time will also be a fairly quick 20  seconds. This is going in completely blind on a guess, I imagine it’s one of those teas you have to try and alter to taste and experiment with. But for now those are my parameter choices.

As soon as the water goes in the mint fills my nostrils and bursts through the cocoa. The colour is dark green and cloudy (thank you Matcha) and it bares a strong mint chocolate scent. It looks like used paint water but looks can be deceiving.

Okay so the first sip reveals bitter mint with some sweetness and some creamy cocoa behind it, leading to a dry yet refreshing after taste. The astringency is from the Matcha I think but it quickly fades into a creamy undertone before finishing with softer mint.It’s actually so rich it’s more like a black tea base than green. The orange is lost on me though.

A second steep with the same parameters reveals: less bitterness making it creamier and sweeter, the mint still being forefront. This is more like a traditional mint green tea with a touch of cocoa. Still dry but so easy to drink.

Think of it as a mint chocolate tea with some Matcha goodness thrown in for good measure. A strange combination but it actually makes a nice change to try something so different. My husband said it’s like a chocolate ice lolly that has melted a bit.

So unusual but nice, worth the try and I am happy to have tried a sample. If you’re looking for something different then it’s definitely worth a try.

Happy Steeping!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Blend
Where to Buy: MoonGleam Tea Shoppe (Etsy)
Description: The rich, earthy flavor of matcha meets the sweetness of cocoa, mint, and orange peel.
The flavors combine wonderfully to create a wonderful interplay.

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Christmas Spiced Tea by Fortnum & Mason

Hello Tea Friends,

This tea was actually a gift from my wonderful sister in law who knows I have a passion for tea. You cannot imagine my excitement when I received this; not only does it come in a beautiful tin but there is nothing finer than a Christmas tea to get you into the festive spirit.

Opening the tin revealed the blend which was decorated with a large star anise piece on the top. It’s so beautiful! The blend itself is a little festive as it has red safflower petals decorating a dark brown blend. It bares a soft yet spicy scent, like cinnamon and clove.

Brewing Parameters: 1.5 tsp in a large mug with boiling water for 3-4 minutes.

Once steeped a dark brown liquid with a red hue sits in my glass that bares the same generic spice scent as it’s raw form.

The first few sips reveal a dark base, wooden and thick with some bitterness with a delicate spicy after taste. Specifically clove, cinnamon and cocoa nib which is probably where the bitterness comes from. I imagine it would be reduced with a bit of sweetener.

The spice is not actually as strong as I expected, it’s more subtle against the black tea base. In a way it’s nice, sometimes ‘in your face’ flavoured teas are too much. There is also some dryness in the after taste though the spice lingers a while.

I would say while this was more of a subtle spice it was Christmas-esque and suited for all day drinking. I imagine a pot of this on Christmas morning would go down a treat! It’s subtlety may even win over some plain tea drinkers.

Until next time, Happy Steeping!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black blend
Where to Buy: Fortnum & Mason
Description: Warm yourself up this Christmas with the exotic flavours which have been added to this Fortnum’s blend. This Christmas Spiced Tea has a festive seasonal flavour from zesty clementine and bold spices. With the addition of delicious cocoa nibs, this tea finishes any Christmas afternoon treat.

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Ginger Bread Man by Bruu Tea

Hello tea friends!

With Christmas almost here and the cold weather set in I’m drawn to the festive teas. This one was from my late November tea club box and I’m only just getting around to trying it.

Ingredients: Rooibos, Almond Pieces, Pistachios, Orange Peel, Coriander, Flavouring, Pink Peppercorn.

Opening the packet I am drawn in by the scent of ginger biscuits. It’s the most ginger biscuity thing I have ever smelt that was not actually ginger biscuits. It’s incredible! Ginger with baked bread and sugar but also a touch of spice.

Steeping instructions: 1tsp //  100°C  // 3-5 mins

Once steeped the tea is golden red in colour and bares a sweet yet spicy ginger biscuit and Rooibos scent. Very similar to that of the raw scent.

The first few sips reveal a very sweet and gingery note that lingers in the after taste. When I say ginger it’s more like a ginger candy than raw ginger, sometimes blends are too much on the ginger front but this is such a sweet ginger and it’s very nice. Very biscuit like! Also a touch of dryness in the after taste.

After those initial first few sips it remains sweet and with a touch of actual Rooibos flavour with a creamy orange and  ginger and peppercorn spice. The whole blend was well done,  it doesn’t taste too much like Rooibos at all which is favourable with me.

I can’t say much other than it tastes like sweet and creamy ginger biscuits with a dry after taste. It truly does.

Bruu Tea have done some good blends but this may be my favourite so far. It’s very delightful and festive.

Until next time, Happy Steeping!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos blend
Where to Buy: Bruu Tea

The rich, naturally woody taste of rooibos is already a perfect treat for cold days, but the added tastes of gingerbread and orange in this blend allow you to truly spoil yourself. Caffeine-free and incredibly festive, this decorative infusion makes a wonderful gift – for others or yourself!

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Cocoa Rouge by The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co

Hello tea friends!

Today I will be drinking Cocoa Rouge, a herbal blend from The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co. Two of the ingredients are organic (Cocoa nibs and Rooibos) so it’s a partially organic and mildly caffeinated blend. With the cold weather on the way I have the desire to drink hot chocolate, that is why this blend caught my attention. Cocoa with vanilla and chicory sounds like a warming and sweet blend.

cocoarogue2Opening the sample packet I can smell toasted chicory with a sweet vanilla undertone. The Rooibos is also rather heavy in this blend, in appearance and smell.

Steeping Parameters: 13g of loose leaf tea in 600ml of boiling water for 3 minutes.

Once steeped the tea bares a very dark brown tea liquid with a sweet vanilla and Rooibos scent. Not as toasted or chicory like as the raw scent.

The first few sips reveal a sweet and creamy vanilla tone that balances the natural sweetness from the Rooibos. Behind that there are dark, toasty cocoa nib and chicory notes that quickly lightens in the after taste. A few more sips bring out some dryness in the after taste but the velvety vanilla makes up for that. It is a Rooibos heavy blend but it’s not the main flavour and a lot of it has been toned down, so while I can taste it it’s not too sweet or chemical like which it tends to be. If you’ve had Rooibos before you will know what I’m talking about. As it cools slightly I am getting a real hot chocolate vibe from it. It’s sweet and the cocoa is thicker, plus the vanilla makes it more chocolate like.

Overall it was a pleasant blend, though I admit guilt for underestimating it from the start. As soon as I saw it was a Rooibos blend I immediately thought it’s either going to be too Rooibos heavy (which I severely dislike) or too chicory heavy to block out the Rooibos taste. I was wrong on both accounts. I can taste the Rooibos but the vanilla keeps the sweetness creamy and the chicory and cocoa give it depth and flavour.. The ingredients work well together to give an imaginative hot chocolate tea. It goes to show that you can never judge a tea by it’s ingredients alone.

Until next time, Happy Steeping!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal Tisane
Where to Buy: The Jasmine Pearl Tea

Cacao nibs and hearty roasted chicory add lots of body to the rooibos base in this rich, satisfying blend. Vanilla extract helps give the mixture its warm flavor and adds depth to its enticing aroma. As a dessert blend, Cocoa Rouge can be drunk by itself, but the addition of milk and sweetener makes for an extra-delicious treat. Due to the cacao nibs, the blend does have some caffeine in it, so best to enjoy it well before bedtime.


Cacao Nibs, Rooibos, Vanilla Beans, Carob, Chicory Root, Vanilla Extract.

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Blend No.45 From Edgcumbes Coffee and Tea

Hello Tea Friends!

My last post mentioned this tea in brief as I received a sample to review from Edgcumbes. Today I will review it after a wonderful introduction to the company. This particular tea, Blend No.45, boasts a gold star from the 2016 Great Taste Awards.

blendno452Blend No.45 contains Assam, Darjeeling, Keemun and Laspsang Souchong. It sounds like a finely tuned blend of black teas, and the Lapsang Souchong makes me thing of smoke and fire. This is all pre-tea, at least this is how I am perceiving it before I try.

The packaging has a little more information:

Origin – India and China

Ingredients – Luxury black orthodox leaf tea

Flavour – Rich, strong and flavoursome

Brew Guide – 3-5 mins, 1 cup, 100C.

Opening the packet I get a waft of smoke and wood, strong and dark but also beautiful at the same time. For those that have yet to smell Lapsang Souchong I liken it to a bonfire. The leaves themselves are large/partially broken and are a collection of brown, gold and red colours.

I will be steeping this with the recommended guide above.

Once steeped the resulting liquid is golden red in colour and bares a smoky, wood scent with some sweetness.blendno453

Let me start by saying that the Lapsang Souchong smells much stronger than it tastes. It’s fragrant with sour wood and dry smoke notes that lighten to leave a slightly sweet after taste. Smoother than I anticipated and it doesn’t need milk nor sweetener. Strength is medium but still strong enough to use as an every day ‘pick me up’ tea.

This was my favourite blend out of the two. It had a lot of flavour and charm, particularly the Lapsang Souchong not overly dominating the other teas. It puts a perfect twist on the classic black tea. It’s also perfect for this time of year, no doubt I will have a pot or two of it on Bonfire night.

Until next time,

Happy Steeping!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: Edgcumbes Coffee & Tea


A unique blend of Assam and Darjeeling Second Flush, with Chinese Keemun and a hint of Lapsang Souchong. A pinch of this tea will add that exotic touch to your favourite daily brew.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!